• I definitely think that's the case when it comes to consumer tech.

    Technology has become less about finding ways to solve common problems and more about corporate greed and capitalism. Most of the technology today exists for the sole purpose of making a quick buck. It's almost impossible to find a long-lasting and effective product nowadays because all of these gadgets are made to last two or three years at the most.

  • Face-to-face not screen-to-screen.

    Over the past couple years, large spikes have occurred in world trends typically linked to technology--moreover, social networking websites. We have, as a society, gone out of control with technology. We only talk to each other behind one-ended computer screens. I bet some of us are so sucked into cell phones and computers that we haven't seen daylight aside from required travel in a long time. Just think, when's the last time you actually went OUTSIDE to be with friends or family? Or do you more often stay inside to play video games than go outside and play with friends in more physically active sports? Technology has caused us to lose socially active lifestyles as well as us become too addicted to games therefore focusing less on education and potentially work.

    We need to stop this endless trend in technology overuse and social networking drama before it becomes a new zombie-like virus to the human race and consumes all of us!

  • Technology aids those who are disabled

    Thanks to the invention of 3D printing, people are able to print out hands and legs and do not get me started on robotic hands, by artificially making each individual index, and connect them to the brain, people are able to move them through commands from the brain there you have it, why technology is actually a great thing!

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