• Technology is beneficial in the classroom

    Technology is very beneficial in the classroom.Its especially helpful in all aspects of communication.Students can communicate with teachers and fellow students and teachers can communicate with parents,Technology also allows teachers to cover topics they never thought would be possible before like studying art from far away locations and certain scientific discoveries.

  • The technology is an advantage for education!

    The latest technology can be used for education, and it is used in many places around the world. Studying on the board is okay but it is easier to understand with ipads, tablets, etc, plus, it's easier for teachers to teach too. Therefore I would say that technology is beneficial in the classroom.

  • We do not need technology.

    Technology has helped us in other elements of our lives but I do not think it is necessary or beneficial in the classroom environment. We do need computers, ipads, or any other form of technology in order to learn and I think it is a useless tool when it comes to our learning as well as a distraction.

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