• Yes,resources are exploited

    The technology has made resources so readily available that we barely care about them.They are exploited at an unprecedented rate all thanks to technology. Take Wastage of electricity for instance ,people barely care for a running bulb even though its bright and sunny.So is the case with water,with food,with every other resource

  • Yes, technology complicates all of our lives

    Technology complicates my life. At first before I had a mobile or anything to communicate with my friends, I played outside with friends. Today I am almost 16 years old and my life is complicated because I do not know how to bond with people anymore. I learned more about my 'best friend' over the phone than a personal conversation. We are to shy to speak to each other at school face to face. This is a big problem in my life because I am going to a new school next year... I think technology truly do complicate our lives.

  • No, technology is not complicating our lives.

    Technology is most likely making our lives less complicated as it helps us each and every day. Our vehicle helps us get to work faster. Computers give us the ability to find directions faster, stay in touch with family more frequently. There are many aspects of Technology that make our lives less complicated.

  • It's not techology, it's people

    No, technology does not complicate our lives, it in fact makes them easier, enabling us to do daily tasks more quickly and efficiently. Many tasks have become simpler, like washing clothes or cleaning, thanks to different devices. But I guess people like to create unnecessary complications for themselves. They won't turn off their cell phone, for example, and then complain that they get no peace because of all the calls. Well, don't answer them!

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