Is technology dampening the creativity of children?

  • Speaking from experience

    I'm a student and rely on technology a truck-load! But that doesn't mean I SHOULD rely on it. I don't think that people (any age) realize that there are other ways to access information and other ways to entertain yourself. I've written two books before, The first using technology as my only research source. It was extremely hard to get good ideas into my head and make them different, Interesting and creative. For the longest time, I would stare at my screen, Willing my brain to think. It took me longer than it should've to write that book and the result wasn't very good. The second book I discarded technology completely for my research, And instead went to the library, Looked through my personal book collection, And carried a notepad everywhere with me, Writing down just about everything I saw. Ideas flowed to me much better without the use of a screen, And the result of this book actually made it through the printer!

    Yes, Technology not only dampens our minds and ruins creativity, But it also causes problems in our own life. It can cause brain damage, Create social problems, And can have an effect on diets, Relationships, Exercise, Just about anything! We should only use technology when necessary (student needs, Work needs, Etc) and not limit our research to the screen, But try other sources like the library.
    Taking time away from digital things can make a difference in your life for the better, And we should all have more restrictions and discipline ourselves on how much we use our own technology.

  • Kids are trash

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  • Technology is damping peoples minds!

    Because I'm an 8th grader and I know because everyone is on computers and phones during class and when their on their phones because they got a snap from a person or got a text message from a friend or someone that they know and then that ruins the amount of time in that class period for the subject that they are should possed to be learning about that they would need in the future with them.

  • I have a different idea

    People may think that technology is ruining our creativity, but they may actually be improving our research skills. Kids are learning how to be resourceful by being given a topic to research and gathering useful information. If they were at school they would definitely be getting an A+, one hundred percent

  • Technology is taking away our creativity

    Think of all the people like Benjamin Franklin who created things without technology when is the last time you saw someone create things like he did or any body like Issac newton who actually wanted to discover things no one else in the world knew about. I didn't think that was to recent.

  • Why should technology.....

    Be the number one source kid go to when they get stumped on a
    question or a project? Why cant they just use another source like... A dictionary or another idea. They shouldn't always depend on the internet because there are some things that are bad or just wrong.
    C'mon are you with me or against me? If you are still not convinced,
    fine by me but when your kid gets brain damage from it, I told you so!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Totally from personal experiance!!!

    I am a professional musician and I know that when i play computer games it wrecks my ability to write songs. Especially lyrics. Original ideas are more difficult to create when your brain is distracted from being able to mull small things over in the background all day. Just sayin' guys..............

  • In many ways, yes

    While technology makes it easier for children to access information and form ideas, it also teaches them that they don't need to know how to do anything because computers can do it for them. Nobody has to do any problem solving anymore, technology is so advanced it's a brain optional world.

  • Yes technology is damping creativity

    In my opinion it is damping creativity of children's because now a days kids are getting mobiles and laptops so instead of looking and finding about studies they started playing games and looking things that should not be allowed to see. They are leaving studies and now are more concern about technology
    so yes technology is damping creativity

  • YES tecnology is dampening the creativity of chldren

    My logical mind tells me that the more time my children spend glued to technology, the less time they have to embrace their creativity and inspire their imagination – with art, books, creative play etc.

    A new survey by commissioned by Hobbycraft has revealed that a third of parents are worried that their children’s obsession with techno-gadgets will impede their creativity.

    So much so that seventy-three per cent of parents are actively trying to limit TV and game time.

    Heard of Generation C (also known as generation Z) – most of our babies fall under this category. It stands for Generation Connect and refers those born between the early 1990s and the late 2000s.

    Raising these babies is a whole different ball game for those of us (most of us) who grew up without the extreme advances that now characterise modern technology.

    But does technology dampen creativity?

    Whilst technology does seem to bring with it a certain addictive property, it is a mistake to demonise it.

    There are so many creative jobs and activities that use technology expressively; film, Photoshop, design (in all its forms) and the list, and its associated roles, could go on for pages.

    Whilst considering the long-term effects of allowing our children to rely too heavily on technology in their youth, it’s important to strike a balance between teaching our children the importance of balance; technology is their future but art and nature and books are part of life’s most magnificent treasure chest. It’d be a shame to miss out.

    Do you think technology dampens creativity?

  • No and here´s why

    Technology sparks kid´s imagination and shows them how they can put there creativity and everyone else´s to create something great. If we teach kids from a young age how to control there time on technology than they can help the world and improve technology and everything about it. Thank you next

  • Technology helps creativity

    In the modern age, technology is a huge part of our culture. You can see it everywhere you go. With technology being so prevalent, it isn’t a surprise that kids and young adults have taken advantage of it and use it for their own pleasure. Playing videogames, using smartphones, and watching television are just a few examples. However, some people think that all this technology is limiting the creativity of the younger generations.
    Technology isn’t just for fun. People use technology to boost their own knowledge, helping expand their creativity. As a student I need technology for my studies, projects, and assignments. It helps me come up with new ideas and different ways to make my work more creative. Technology has helped use expand the way we people can learn they can now study from home and be able to express themselves more freely without worrying about what other people think. The oxford definition of creativity is “the use of the imagination or original ideas”, and technology can help people express it in many ways.
    Technology has many different platforms that allow people to express creativity, anywhere from a social media sites to different video games. One of the biggest websites that is based around creative thinking is YouTube. This website is a collective source of videos that people have created to entertain people through their videos. Another popular way that technology has given people access to express their creativity is the game Minecraft where you build whatever your imagination desires.
    When people go on those games and social media platforms it also can help explore and broaden the way they think. Not all people are born with an instant craving to start build and creating things and for those people it might not come to them naturally. With this new technology it can inspire them in ways that just going through life can’t. For example, a kid in the United States might not ever get to experience firsthand seeing a hippo inn Africa or walk through rows of Terracotta Soldiers in China, but to have the option to look those up online can spark creativity in a young adult or child. The point is modern technology has severed a boon for the creativity of humanity.
    Some people argue that the more time children spend glued to technology, the less time they have to embrace their creativity and inspire their imagination with art, books, creative play. Which I can see their point if you have too much of anything then that would be bad, but there is a simple solution to this problem. All you have to do is just limit the amount of time that you let your young adults and kids use their phone, their computer, gaming system, whatever they may be using too much. Technology can do a lot more good than bad.

  • Technology is not dampening

    Technology has art, dancing, painting, etc. Even if you choose not to pursue these activities that does not mean that they are not there. A simple solution is to point children in the right direction when they are small. Gradually interest and creativity will build on its own thus causing their creativity to naturally grow with the use of technology.

  • If the user,whether it is a child, student,or an adult it will definetly dampen the creativity

    As a student I feel it is not dampening the creativity of any child or a student because i myself need the
    technology for my studies, projects and assignments. It gives use more ideas and different ways to make it more beautiful and creative.If we use it limited it will definetly not dampen the creativity of any child or a student.

  • No, technology isn't dampening the creativity of children.

    I think technology isn't dampening the creativity of children instead it is helping them to explore new ideas and ways to a thing in a more creative manner. It helps children to make their projects and also in completing their assignments in a better way. The user shouldn't overuse technology & use it in a wise manner.

  • No technology isn't dampening the creativity of children

    Technology is not dampening the creativity of children instead it helps children to make projects and completing their assignments. One should not overuse technology. We get different ideas from it about how to make our project. But, we should use our own creativity to make them. It also gives the user a chance to lean and explore new ideas and creative styles of doing that things

  • Beause day by day we should ourselves modiefy the way we are creating things

    It gives us different ideas about the project we are doing so I do'nt think technology daampening the creativity of chilren. And also we can put our ideas into the technology so that any different thing will be created and we can take ideas by taking the help of computers , internet and all.

  • Enhance the creativity of the child

    It helps the children to explore their ideas and creativity by giving them a chance of more lively approach. Today students are taught with the help of projectors so that they can see and understand better what they are learning .Nothing can be better than this method of learning and understanding.

  • No, If we keep it limited!!!

    No, I don't think so because only access use of technology can cause damage not limited use. It's a tool in our hands if we use it wisely we would be on the safer side and of course access use can dampen your creativity. So if we keep it limited then we would never dampen our creativity.

  • Technology is not at all dampening creativity

    Before there was TV and video games a child had to rely on their own skills in art, music, etc. To produce tangible artwork to show others. If they weren't good at art, music, sculpting, etc., they were left with only their dreams and imagination but no way to bring it to life. For those kids, can't you say that TV and video games give them art to work from and create new art by them reshaping it into something new?

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