• More accurately, people are.

    People destroy. We destroy eachother and ourselves emotionally, ethically, and physically, no-matter what is available. Technology is a tool that makes us simultaneously mor productive and destructive. Bombs make killing easier, as well as demolition. The internet makes things more efficient, but also inspires us to destroy ourselves. Bombs don't kill, people kill. Behind every use of technology is a person, as behind every murder, there is also a person. Overall, I geuss I've given a sort of yes-and-no answer.

  • Technology has gone too far!

    I'm all ears for tech that actually improves our lives. If it helps me in a way that is absolutely necessary, I'd give it a go. However, most of the tech in the majority of society's day to day doesn't really help them! And unfortunatley, it's all taking a turn for the worse. From here on out, tech will get more and more useless. Does anyone really need Instagram? Do we need touch screens in our cars? Do we need touch screen fridges? Do we really need bluetooth headsets? No, we got around just fine without anything like that. Just go back 30 years ago and see how happy people really were. Now, spending time with friends means going on your phones. I myself am part of this zombified generation Z, and I feel like an outcast for not conforming to these mind-numbing standards we call "normal". The only time I'll be happy for tech is when the invent time-travel so I can go back in time to actually have a face to face conversation with someone instead of face to person not looking at me back.

  • Technology is destroying

    Technology itself is not bad nor evil and could be used for good, however more negative has come out of it. Human interaction is by far the most negatively impacted sector, I would actually also say that close to the suffering of human interaction, meaning/depth of life is a close second and as it all progresses environmental concerns (well lack of) are the top three impacted regions.

  • Technology leads to no privacy

    There is now no such thing as privacy or anonymity anymore thanks to cell phones, but corporations and government using our data. Aside from no privacy, our technology isn't used for any kind of advancement, it's merely for watching more cat videos and wasting time on Facebook. Technology the way we are using it is not helping us.

  • The Technology Bomb

    As of 12 minutes ago, I have 652 Instagram followers, 202 likes on my latest photo and 47 comments. I have 4 unread messages and 72 email notifications. I know this because I checked my a few minutes ago, and again a few minutes after that and just now. I finished my math homework n 30 minutes which I know because of the clock on my phone. Without using my calculator (on my phone) it would've taken me an extra ten minutes which I know because of an app on my phone tells me so. I also know that my phone beeped 13 times in the time it took me to write this and I checked my notifications all 13 of those times. Do you see the problem here?

  • Average Kids are 4 hours in electronic devices

    Technology has its positives, but it has many negatives too. I'm talking about cellphones. People spend waaay too much time on their phones. The screens literally rewire our brains. Families are less together, because some of them just sit on the damn couch looking at the things, not talking. Porn is also a reason technology isn't good. Now, it's accessible everywhere, and younger kids are watching it. Porn tears families apart and it makes people more obsessed with sex than the actual person. Another reason is that whenever there's a pause in the conversation BAM everyone has their phones out. This makes people way less social and let's them get out of any uncomfortable experience. So technology has many downsides, but I wouldn't say it's ruining us, the cellphones just make us antisocial.
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  • People with the help of technology.

    Face to face conversation has always been around but have they really changed since technology has come around. People using phone for communication increasingly makes communication easier but does it also ruin people’s way for face to face conversations. In life conversations are ever day but people thing that millennials can’t talk to people in real life anymore. I feel like that could be a possible thing that can happen because of the dependence on technology but realistically the world will not turn into a place where no one talks to each other personally and not through technology. But I feel like with technology being more of a focus point with businesses they are making it so education isn’t through social interaction but through technology so with everything becoming more technological based that what is ruining social interactions because how most people learned to talk to people is being stopped because of technology in the classroom.

  • Slaves to our creation

    Zombies...Slack jawed and staring into a palm-full of silicon images and ideas. Instant gratification is replacing more meaningful pursuits. Will kids in the future learn to seek knowledge on a level deeper than a paragraph on wikipedia? Will they embrace art? Become musicians? Tackle projects and learn skills? No. Too easy to turn to the net. Insular naval gazing ego driven golems disconnected from other humans and our natural environment. Fiddling while rome burns. The death of culture.

  • Technology is destroying us

    Technology allows us to hide all of everything. You can delete conversations, clear search history, or even delete an unwanted photo. We all have secrrets, but some are so awful, that they could just as well be sinful. If society keeps up with technology like this, you might as well call us all liars, and ghosts

  • Retards voting using garbled text

    It's a perfect example. Nobody would do that in real life. As people hide behind their keyboards, more and more does real interaction become an irritation for many. And the instant gratification many get by making money on something useless through technology just adds to the problem. One day those left will look back and say 'we knew this would happen'

  • "Technology is the application of science"

    Everything we use is Technology. There are so many different options such as cures for diseases due to technology. In a global community we can stay connected with each other and provide jobs all over the world. Technology has proved to be better for the environment and as society Technology has proved to be useful.

  • Technology is improving.

    Technology is used a lot within companies, universities, homes and personal use with technology really being everywhere some people think that it actually is stopping us from talking to each other in person but instead with text or messages. With it being true that people to talk a lot on social media and text most people will talk with their friends and family on things such as video calls. With video calls it makes it possible to see the other person you are talking to unlike regular call where u can only hear them. Video calls make it possible to talk to people that are in different country while still being able to see them and if you are doing a business meeting and for some reason can’t be there in person you can do a video call while everyone can still look at you and your ideas at the same time. With all this technology has help move society further into the future instead of destroying society.

  • People destroy society

    People destroy society. Every mean comment, tweet, or post has a person behind it, who had nothing better to do than tear someone down. People commit acts of murder, treason, and terrorism not guns or bombs. Without people, guns, bombs, and technology would be harmless, an object taking up space. People put then to use in often awful ways.

  • Its the people destroy people

    Technology doesn't destroy people but the people themselve destroy each other. Technology has a huge positive impact to the world.Technology can help in many aspect such as medicine,education,and military.Its also make people smarter than the old generation.The older generation are less develop than the modern generation because they don't have the influence of technology.People from the old generation are easily to be under the manipulation than now aday.People now a day aren't get manipulate easily because they are clever.Technology aren't be blame at all.People who devote yes aren't appreachiate anything. They only focusing on the negative effect.They are quite unintelligent.They should be satisfy that they live in a modern generation.If you live in an old generation such as middle age ,you would be suffer.Because of the undevelopment.ITS IS only people fault that use technology in an negative way.

  • Technology is only a tool

    Our real problem is humanities desire to relax, we create machines to make things more efficient, then we realize much to late that those machines are making ourselves worse. We need to stop using technology, because we are destroying society by using it, but destroying tech, will not solve the problem.

  • Don't Blame Technology

    It's very easy to look at the problems of apathy, lack of interest in society, growing carbon footprint and many other problems that we face as a society and blame it on the technological developments that we see today. However there are several issues with this claim, the first being that technology is an extremely broad term, even the issues I named refer to many different forms of technology such as the products you expect to find in any Apple store, or man kresh as it is sometimes refereed to, it may refer to items with large carbon emmision such as cars, planes or kettles. However these are only a few forms of technology which could refer to medical sciences, simple Turing machines or 3D printers that have the potential to create organic matter that could replace farming industry that is destroying Eco-systems world wide. To say technology is to blame for the collapse of society is to large a generalisation of what technology could be. Furthermore it is to easy a scape goat to keep us from blaming the real cause of any damage done to society, ourselves. Humans seem to have a need for progress, this allowed us to move from animals to persons at the creation of society in the first place, however to much of anything is always harmful and our growing need for progress may have led us down the wrong path, to me that wrong path is capitalism, but it could arguably be a range of things that we may consider to be the start of the wrong route. Whatever it is, the issue is that for humanity to change we must backtrack a bit first, that means giving up the Ipads and fancy cars and fast cheap meals, and live with a little less ourselves and work on giving more to others. The problem with society is our own ambition and ego, technology is simply one of the products along the way.

  • It is not

    How can technology ruin society? I suppose smartphones, the internet, and computers, are on everybody's lips when they're referring to the destroyer of civilisation. I do not agree with this notion. My reasons are this: the Internet is a ginormous community in itself. It is a myriad of neighbourhoods, towns, and cities. Many sites, including this one, have a grand sense of society. We treat each other in the appropriate manner and do not incline to agree with the sporadic trolls' ways. My argument for the Internet's part in your argument is that it strengthens society.
    Smartphones are simply mobile phones with the previously mentioned attached. Mobile phones encourage society, thus, smartphones are not ruining it.
    Computers are the main portal to the internet, and, like the smartphone, encourages conversation, speaking, and reading and writing.

  • Technology isn't destroying society.

    Technology has improved on health issues, has improved on education, and has overall brought to society more together then destroyed. Without technology in my opinion society would be more destroyed then with. Those who say that technology has made society a lot lazier; I believe that it is the person who is lazy and that technology is but the tool used to be lazy.

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