Is technology driving us away from reading books?

Asked by: Tiimow
  • Is technology driving us away from books.

    Since we have technology, we can look anything up on a device, and have the answer at our fingertips, so we dont have to actually research and read for the answer. Although wikipedia is a good resource, i think that we need to get back to reading the hardback encyclopedias.

  • The knowledge we learn online will never be as valuable as the information we get by reading.

    What would we all be doing if we hadn't our devices with us right now? Staring at a bookcase in the house and picking a book out of boredom, maybe? And then finding out it is a valuable and great book, but we didn't know it existed because we were busy with our devices.

  • No unless you mean books, not the app for books.

    Our phones are taking away time from our lives and we could be doing better things with our life, but we have apps for everything, including books. Smartphones and tablets are great portable items that can carry many books and let you read wherever you are and whatever you want to read.

  • Books Are Still Alive

    I read all the time. I love books. And there are still people like me who would rather buy a book then download it. Just because a lot of people read books on a Nook or whatever doesn't mean that real books are going to go away. That and there will always be a need for books. Books force you to focus and think, making you use more of your mind.

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