• Technology helps visual learners

    Technology is very good for visual learners who learn through colors and seeing things. Some people can’t learn with no colour but having images, videos and colour is there primary way they learn in this world being really smart and loads of technology so, technology is a very good way learn

  • Helped in improving our knowleadge worldwide

    Its helps us to know more about other states,countries,many things.
    We can talk to many people and make new friends.Children can gain knowledge on the subject they like.It is mostly considered as helpful in many ways.
    But there are some disadvantages too.I agree.If we use technology properly then disadvantages will decrease.

  • We can find things.

    If we don't know, we always use phones. Phones are all techonlogy. We always use technology, but we just can't notice it. Like this, we always use technology, and we need it. We can know other's opinion, and can research it better than we didn't use technology, and quicker than it.

  • Yes, it is.

    I think that technology is going to pave our way into the future. It is permanently integrated into our lives and it is necessary that children become comfortable with it. Teaching children how to use technology now will help them in school and become more proficient in their future careers.

  • I think that technology is good for our children.

    I think that technology is good for our children. Technology now allows our children to have an
    incredible amount of knowledge at their fingertips. Technology is good for our children, but the
    must be supervised at all times. We
    should take teach our children as efficiently as we can with technology.

  • Techonlogy is a double edge sword, but the good side is shinier.

    Technology is good for all of us, including our children, even though it has aspects which are not as pure as we might wish. Every improvement and change in our lifestyle must be greeted with thoughtful consideration and moderation. Technology is no different. Properly implemented it can help and already has helped improve very many aspects of our lives and the lives of our children.

  • No common sense

    I think technology is bad for our children because 1; I see a lot of 3 or 4 year olds walking around with cell phones just to keep them quiet. I do not agree with that. Kids need to learn how to figure problems out without having the access to a phone..No common sense. If I didn't need it when I was kid, my child doesn't either. But when he is older and understands what its all about he then can play with it at home. Not out in public walking around like a zombie.

  • Negative for kids

    Kids develop dependency on readily available solutions. Create an 'external brain' and hinders development toward active curiosity and agency. Creates a skewed perception of the world and many studies show premature exposure causes social anxiety and attention issues. Technology is a tool that must be used responsibly and perhaps kids are too young to understand how to do that.

  • Techno is bad for you why

    It damages your eyes, you get so addicted to it that you forget about your surroundings and there may be a chance you'll get badly hurt or maybe even injured and what if you forget everything like you may lose your memory or maybe your mind so please follow these

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