• It gives us new experiences.

    Ok, hopefully someone takes the time to read this. I am not going to say that i don't like arguments, because i really do. I am not going to pretend i am innocent and when i am in an argument i don't attack the other side, because i do. But this is such a big thing that everyone can relate to, it isn't worth it to just attack the other team, and see who is better by who can attack the other better. (Like the presidential elections). (sorry). Technology gives us new experiences, like talking to people all across the world, or even seeing their face. Some people CAN'T travel because they are sick or not mobile. With technology, you can see these people, not in person but you can talk and see their face. Talking about travel, before there were planes and trains and buses and fast cars, it took weeks or months for people to travel. Now it takes hours. Social media, you can see what people are doing. See new things. You also have to learn to deal with people that don't like what you look like or what you do on social media just like you do in real life. Kids are learning life lessons. Games teach them what character needs to be played to do this in the games and another character to do a different thing to ultimately pass the level. It is a good place to learn new things, you can even easily access school if you need to go back. Plus, the advances in technology helps us launch forward in science to learn more about the world. I can also see the downsides to all this technology, but i also think that the upsides outweigh the downsides.
    I'm 12

  • Technology is the Bright Side

    Technology is used in almost everything we do. From 3-D printing braces for children who have weak muscles to studying galaxies billions of light years away. The internet helps us know exactly what is happening when it's happening. Technology is curing diseases and connecting us with relatives across the globe. Technology is bringing us to places safely and allowing us to share images and videos with each other. No matter what you do, technology will be there to help you.

  • Using technology repsonably

    Technology is useful when used responsibly for many using but most for school/ work if there was not internet how would we search up information. Guess what the pages in your books were used from a printer and computer which is technology so having technology can defiantly be useful for every day lives.

  • Technology is good

    Technology is good because it has made life way more practical, thanks to technology we can travel faster, communicate with people all over the world, technology has been able to save many lives, and the people who say technology is bad are a bunch of hypocrites because they use technology in their every day life, it doesn't have to be internet for it to be consider it technology, because many other things have technology in them. People who say technology is bad are lying because they wouldn't be able to do half the things they do now without it.

  • Think about it honestly

    Why are computers and phones becoming so important in our everyday lives its because we need them they help us communicate with one another and are there to help us work and operate. There will always be people who misuse something but does that make the invention bad for society. Now people can voice their opinions honestly, make new friends and work while on the go.

  • Technology is helpful

    So many people say it will kill us someday but people are making arguments on this website, there playing a game or watching TV. They need to learn that most of the things we do today would never have existed if not for technology and that there being hypocrites by doing this.

  • Yes, of course technology is good for our society. Why??

    Because with technology with have the advantage of getting to meet people from all around without really meeting them in person but on social medias like Facebook, twitter, or email. Also many people do not have vehicle transportation a lot these days so there is also another very big advantage, on line shopping! With just a couple clicks and some credit card information you can get the latest fashion trends delivered right at your door step.

  • Technology is good

    It helps people talk from far away,entertain us when we are board,help and teach us learn,help people and animals get medical health and have fake body parts,make things for us on mass production. Those are just some of the reasons why technology is good for people, all around the world.

  • Technology is good

    Without technology we wouldn't be able to create more jobs for people and for the betterment of our society, we need this to help us for when we get lost, when we need to eat, and for many more things that we might not realize. We need this to know what the time is.

  • Technolgy is easy life in other words

    As i said in heading/title that technology is easy l8fe it means that technolgy has made our lives easier than the lives of people of 18th century.If people are against it so they tell that their cars,bikes,tv,s and most importantly mobiles are technlogy based I think that technolgy is great for us. Thanks

  • Technology is making us Dummies!!!!!!!! :[

    Because as we lot know is that most of the people to the world text when they are driving. Looking at your phone while driving leads to twenty three percent closer to an accident. And texting leads to ten added to the twenty three.

    Most people think that internet = happiness but the truth is that internet is stress. Internet can also meaning bullying. BULLYING is by social media such as twitter, facebook and, etc. So this why I think technology it bad and making us dummies.

  • Technology is a huge enticement to us to stay on it and never put it down but we can!

    Do not let technology overtake you in your live. It is not your master. God can help us to overcome it. We do not need to be bound only by what we type or post. Take a stand against it! Life is full of temptations and technology is one of them

  • Technology waste our time.

    More than ever students have spent playing more games on computers than studying for a test or something important that can happened later in life.So that why I say that technology is horrible for kids and adults too but mostly our kids today.So I hope people will agree with me

  • Technology by itself is Neither Good nor Bad. However this does not mean that it is neutral either.

    Technology is simply a tool that enables. It can enable good as much as it enables bad, it all depends on how we choose to position it in our lives that matters. To do this we must be as internally connected with our values, minds, and bodies as we are externally connected to the outside world through our devices. This does not mean technology is neutral either. It does change things, for good in some cases, for bad in others. It is all based on the context. Some point to the Atom bomb as the technology that ended the war and therefore saved countless lives (good thing). Others point to the Atom bomb as the destroyer of numerous innocent lives (bad thing). Whether good or bad The Atom bomb has significantly impacted the way we do business in world politics today (therefore not neutral)

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  • Losing our Humanity

    Christian Lous Lange once said, "Technology is a useful servant, but a dangerous master." I totally agree with this quote. I'm not saying technology is only good or only bad. I just happen to be leaning more to the negative side. Technology is great and it's an amazing and useful tool. However, we have turned technology into our master. It controls us and is causing us to lose our humanity. By being 'connected' on FaceBook or Instagram, we are just disconnecting ourselves from the people who currently reside in our life and opting for people who will tell us that the food we just took a picture of and posted looks great. Granted, we don't all do this, but most of our society does. I can't sit in a room with my friends without them looking at their phone every 20 seconds. I can't go into public without seeing people texting on their phones and ignoring those trying to speak with them. I can't go home without seeing my little sister, 15 months younger than me, staring, mesmerized at the flashing screen of her technology. Technology has pretty much taken over our world. People love reading science fiction books where technology is mind-boggling for even our generation and they say, "I wish I could live in a world like that!" Guess what? You already are. Technology has not changed our society for the better. Instead, we have chosen to walk the path of isolation and invisibility. We see the people in our lives, yet we don’t see them. We are connected to our families and friends, yet we are disconnected. I cannot stress enough how crucial it is for us to get off of our phones and talk in English, not text language, and communicate with those around us. I hear girls at my school say, “I couldn’t live without my phone!” My response is always, “Our parents did, so why can’t you?” Our lives have been turned upside down by technology and the only way we can turn them right side up again, is to put our phones down and ask ourselves, “Is technology bad for our society, or is our society bad for technology?”

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  • No era penal (america vs monterey )

    Samudio dived n it hit his shoulder n el meso ref said it was i was like... Brian is cute lol , MEXICO ES CORUPTO , go chivas , kevin es gay , angel s is playing games , giezi is fake , miguel likes victoria , ok BYE :)

  • Technology is bad because we get addictive to it and we lose time with our friends and family.

    Making us really addicted, it could be the reason that most people won't have any friends because technology is always there to communicate with other people. Also social media could be categorized as a deadly substance that could heavily impact our brains, damaging it and making us unhealthy. Based on the article Is Technology Making Us Loners, it states that “Another recent study found that 48% of respondents only had one confident, or close friend, compared to a similar study done 25 years ago, when people said they had about three people they could really trust.” This piece of evidence shows us how people that are surrounded with technology and social media, are losing really close friends and are just depending everything on technology.

  • Technology is bad

    Technology can be good. Believe me, I love it. But think about it. Screens distract people all the time. People are texting while driving, sexting, and others. People can track you down using Technology. People get addicted to it. Cars cause global warming with fumes. We are safer without Technology. We just do not need it. Technology includes guns and others. WE DONT NEED IT

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