• Yes add computers.

    Now that we have the power of technology, we have made a huge advance in life. We should embrace the power of technology. Instead of looking for a map for example, you can look at a larger screen with more features. Also you can type faster than you can write. (who can write at 40 wpm? Plus instead of turning over your pencil forgetting that the eraser is worn down, you can just push backspace. Tests are already being used on computers so lets embrace the awesome power :D.

  • Technology is good for schools

    Technology is good for schools as it allows for students to be exposed to many different modes of teaching. It also allows for students to begin their education in the fields they are interested in without having to travel beyond the classroom. Technology also allows teachers to further their educations without having to take away from the time they have to teach.

  • The technology occupies a big part in our life, we pay much more attention on a computer than a man.

    The technology represents our future. We need to get used to it. We don't need a sudden change, but in time we need to add more technology in schools. If we add computers or laptops in every class , children will pay attention and the education will be more interesting.

  • Noooo this is not ok

    This is a bad idea and it damages brains and ruins childrens lifes by destroyiong brain cells and and washing away all shred of knowledge that were ever in there tiny little minds and it will rip them away from there family and friends open your eyes this is a bad idea

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