• Yes! Technology is helping the world without a shadow of a doubt!

    It is so easy to do research now. In just a few seconds you get 2,000 results or more! Isn't that amazing? Technology is just so helpful. The only problem with i that i see is hackers and cyber-bullies, but other than that all i can say is positive things. :)

  • A definite yes

    The question here is whether technology helps the world, not whether the disadvantages of technology outweigh the advantages of it. So yes, technology certainly helps us and the world.

    Technology is what made machines possible. It's what made TV, the Internet, airplanes, and even this site possible. Technology has made our lives much more convenient (especially in terms of transportation), much safer (medical technology) and has allowed the wide spread of knowledge (through the Internet and mass media).

    Technology saves lives. It's not just medical technology, such as complex scanning machines that do it, but basic things such as heaters and mosquito repellents as well. Heaters save many people living in cold regions from freezing to death (literally) and mosquito repellent saves a lot of lives in regions such as Africa, where people are plagued by deadly, disease-carrying mosquitoes.

    Technology is what allows faster and larger production of food, which is what combats the problem of starvation and drought.

    All in all technology does have its benefits. It does help the world, though some may argue that the disadvantages outweigh the advantages.

  • Yes for sure

    I do understand the point that people could live well without technology; however, the question here is "Is technology helping the world" not "Can people live without technology". Please read the question carefully before answer it. It is undeniable that technology has made our life much easier despite all the downside of it.

  • Is this even a question?

    Technology, by definition, is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry. And by that definition it is impossible to assume that mankind has been at a detriment for the development of the spear, the wheel, medicine, space travel, the internet, or even clothing. Mankind would still be naught but simple beasts without it.

  • Yes, disabled can receive more opportunities to feel normal,like prosthetic hands

    There are many things outthere that have helped many people feel whole again. Like prosthetic limbs. Technology has evolved so much that people that aren´t allowed to go walking can put on a VR headset and go walking .Last, I believe that if we keep technology progressing we could go farther in life.

  • Technology is helping us

    Without technology there will be more people dead because technology gave us medicine,more time is spent between time a to time b by watching TV or playing video games or maybe just get a car,gets you from point a to point b,and if your still not convinces then look at houses,technology produced better houses

  • Yes we can get information from online places.

    If you have say a parent that needs to know where you are at all times then they can make sure you are safe. Or even get help on a math problem that maybe something to help you. You can get family background. They are getting crucial jobs done by using robots.

  • Yes and no

    Yes because it has helped in curing many diseases such as cancer and also get information about what we want for example children can learn from google and no because many children are misusing the phone for playing game and even cheking bad web sites such as blue whale which made many children die in the whole world such as india,kenya,asia,us,Australia and many other countries.

  • Technology gives us so much information

    Technology gives us so much information that we couldn't get before even with the dictionary and things of that nature. The things that we can do today are crazy because a lot of those things that we do today if we could've done ten years ago we would've done them in a heartbeat and it's no doubt about that. Anyway, it's not like we can we can go back.

  • Technology is helping the world?

    Technology is helping the world because of how it makes the world easier, with medical technology saving lives, and search engines helping students with something there clueless with, GPS taking you to your location, with computers now being used for test in school, Technology is not damaging the world it's embracing the world's aspect and helping making it possible to travel through space.

  • Think about it.

    People managed to survive long before the development of any sort of technology. We all managed just fine with candle lights and farmers were happy to do their work. People were more fit with people having no option but to walk to any place they wanted to go, no cars or trucks, just horses and bikes. We are facing an obesity epidemic in The First World today due to lack of excise and development of fast food chains and processed foods. With cars and planes and what not we are able to see anywhere we want without ever actually moving.

    Families actually spoke to each other.Nowadays, absolutely everyone spends their free time glued to their phones checking Facebook and what not. My parents would probably find out more about me by my Snapchat story than actually seeing me. There is no longer an effort made within families to communicate. My brother is 14, and we have to turn off the Wi-Fi for him to leave his room. All this "social media" isn't exactly social now is it?

    I know that the argument stands that medicine and developments with medical devices has improved living standards, but what if we aren't meant to live this long? What if our biological clocks are only meant to last until we are 30 or 40. We have pushed boundaries for years on end, fighting all sorts of disease and infection but what if these are natural methods of restricting population numbers. These mutations that develop are deadly and devastating yes but I believe they are there for a purpose.

  • It depends on how humans us it...

    Since the beginning of the human civilization, we as a specie have always been filled with greed and hunger for power. Over the centuries we have strived to do anything to reach ultimate power. Thus, today in this generation and the previous we have created what we call technology. Technology reflex different fields such as internet, cell phones, computers, tablets, vehicles, and satellites and so on. It is designed to make our lives as simple as it could ever be. Each minute, the human race is evolving and increasing our knowledge and understanding of the world through technology. Using technology we were able to discover an entire new world that was right above us and another one right beneath our feet. Not only were we able to expand and evolve our knowledge we have also been able to resolve many mysteries that lasted throughout the ages. From myths on how the human body functioned to the existence of multiple skies above our heads. However, technology wasn’t always beneficial to our lives. Many people in our world were unfortunately blinded by their own greed and hunger that they have created weapons to destroy ourselves and our beloved home; Earth. Using technology we have started to industrialize and destroy irretrievable land and have started to colonize the entire world with our extensive population. In conclusion, I believe that technology has a positive side and a negative side it depends on how we us it. Looking at our world and society today I think that we are terribly misusing our key to success and using it as a weapon to our destruction. However, there is still hope in our world. Hopefully one day we will remove our blindfold and realize what we have done and how we have diminished throughout our time misusing technology.


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  • Technology takes away from people

    Technology takes people away from their families. It makes them less sociable when it comes to reality. And the way it hurts families is kids and parents do not even try communicating anymore it is as if they just gave up. They would rather talk with their "friends" on social media. And kids become narcissist because of others liking their photos they believe they are kings or something

  • I agree with this very much

    It said that Technology has hurt us more then it has helped witch is true it does help in some was but the most it does is harm but its not like we can just get rid of it it does help in schools. It also said that nuclear warhead witch sucks because that will kill all of us if anybody launches one

  • Yes and No

    Technology is very confusing when it comes to helping and screwing up the world. How it helps is pretty simple by making life easier for many people. The way technology screws up the world is by creating things powerful enough to destroy it. Bombs, missiles, hackers, and other lethal aspects of technology will sooner or later destroy humanity.

  • Tech. Is helping humans while ruining actuel earth not the people living on it

    It has become something of a mantra within the sustainability movement that innovations in technology can save the world. But rather than liberating us, Doug Tompkins, the cofounder of retail brands The North Face and Esprit, believes technology has enslaved us and is destroying the very health of the planet on which all species depend.

  • Technology causes most cases of obesity and depression in the world today.

    People who use technology irresponsibly become over weight and depressed from cyber bullies and video games. People can hack each others personal information and cause people to die or rot in jail. It causes people to get anorexic from depression. People kill themselves everyday from people leaving hate comments or saying something horrible on a tweet. Technology is ruining the world by degradeijng us to use technology instead of our own brains

  • NO, Not Yet

    Technological change leads to Depression because traditional labor is displaced. Computers, robots and outsourcing are unbearable without a socially engineered transition. This was a Keynesian sidebar. When the technology gains result in shorter work weeks with the same compensation and greater opportunities for education, art and leisure, life could improve magnificently. Socialism is Conservative Money is Slavery. All goods and services were created by the manipulation of natural and human resources. Money is not necessary or essential.

  • I absolutely think not

    Though the advancement of technology has help peoples lives in the world, it has hurt us more than it has helped. The population has grown tremendously fast and soon enough we will over populate. The advancement of technology has made weapons and machinery like nuclear warheads and guns, we were far better off without a threat like these made by technology. If technology were to disappear we would be less lazy. And finally, the world would be a lot more healthy without the contamination of food and preservatives. If technology were more advanced then the technology the world so craves would actually be worth while. But until then I believe that technology is a waste to have.

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