Is technology in sports to improve athletic performance necessary?

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  • Technology in sports is needed.

    The technological aid in sports allows for athletes to train more effectively and it helps in maintaining their health. Should they stop improving football pads so that the hits cause less damage to the player? Should they not design a bike that is more balanced so that the cyclist doesn't fall off every time he turns sharply?

  • Technology in sports is needed

    With the modern development of technology improving every ones lives, sports should not be an exception. While it is more pure to have the sport without this technology, the game can be improved by the athletes working out with better and more advanced equipment, having more perfectly designed balls and pads, and overall lead to a great improvement.

  • Technology in sports is not really necessary

    Technology in sports is not really necessary.Sports should be measured by the human performance ,not performance by or enhanced by machines.This provides a very uneven playing ground where the performance is judged more by how much money you have and not necessarily how well they can do in the game.

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