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  • Yes. We need technology in classroom.

    In the future, technology will grow more and we could be more smarter when we use technology. You will not get smarter if do games or text to each other. Almost 50 out of 100 would like doing technology. I urge you to vote for the affirmative side of this debate.

  • Yes it is

    Yes, if we want to compete with other countries now and in the future.
    It prepares children for the use of technology. It gives students better, faster, updated and easier access to information.
    A tablet will take some weight off your shoulders so you will decrease your chances of back problems once you're older.

  • It benefits the kids

    I do think technology is an important thing to have in the classroom, especially if what is being taught in the class has to do with technology. For example, a science or computer class; Technology can be very important in those two subjects, so yes, I do feel it is needed.

  • Technology is very important in the classroom.

    Technology is very important in the classroom. Anything that assists teachers and staff in the ability to be able to get their lesson learned should be used in the classroom. We remember growing up where the teacher only had a chalkboard and one of those old projectors that sounded like an airplane every time that it was turned out. With advancements in technology, we are finally past all that.

  • Yes for many reasons

    Technology is important in the classroom for many reasons. First technology is the key to the future so we should allow the future of our country to have all the access to technology possible. Second technology helps to learn as you can learn much faster using technology in the classroom.

  • Technology in the classroom is very important.

    I believe that technology in the classroom is very important. We live in a digital age that is becoming more and more technologically advanced. It is important that students keep up to date with computers, the Internet, etc. so they will be competitive for jobs after they graduate from high school.

  • Technology in the Classroom is Important

    Yes, technology in the classroom is important. As new technologies are discovered, so too are new and better ways to educate. As the school's function and duty are to educate students, it is therefore also a school's duty to pay attention to new technologies and to the application those technologies have in the classroom.

  • It depends on how you use it

    I say yes because me personally, i pay more attention in class when there is some type of electronic device in-front of me but then again that's my opinion. Another reason i say yes is because it improves your hand and eye coordination which then therefore improves your abilities to jerk well you know

  • Depends on the type of technology

    If the technology in question does not help learning, then it is not as important. Another aspect to consider is the purpose of using such a technology. Some technologies pose more harm than good for learning. One typical example is the mobile phone. If used to research for materials and information online, it can prove to be beneficial to learning. However, if used for other purposes other than learning, for example, 'texting' or watching videos, it may serve as a distraction to students instead, rendering harm to their learning process. It is essential to first know the type of technology in question before considering whether this technology might be a double edged sword.

  • Yes and no

    I feel like we depend more on technology and so that we use them everyday in almost every class. Also why cant we use pen and paper? A lot of classes require computers for assignments and caculators for math, computers for science, english, computer classes, teachers use it for attendance and if it doesn't work then we use the paper and pen but for someone who doesnt have the money for a computer or internet its harder to work on homework than it would be with a computer. In a way having a computer is good during school but only during.

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