• Tearing families apart

    When you let your children play on devices, Then have to go and take them away, You children hate you for it. They don't talk about their feelings when they are so addicted to them. They also ignore you a lot more when they are using their devices. They feel they need them when they can do without them.

  • Say no to technology

    Because in the past, Parents used to take away children from ground to prevent playing so much but now we have to take away them from technology like learning apps and all and forcefully we have to send them to the ground to play so that they become active and not to be addicted to technology so much.

  • Brain develops differently

    Science has proven that certain parts of the brain develop differently because of less physical activity and less face to face interaction. Narcissism and lack of empathy has increased thanks to social media. More kids today are very poor listeners and arrogant. There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance.

  • Technology is a threat to children

    Children always play on the phone and become extremely lazy! They act arrogant just because they finished an extremely hard game! They even threaten the parents for the phone! And they act like the boss
    it's just wrong and messed up! If children don't change now, The future will be really drastic!

  • Yes technology is making children slack and lazy

    Technology takes away your child's memories and childhood
    in the past parents had to drag their children back home from play. But in the present times they have to drag them out to play. Giving phones to children below 8 makes them sit in the bed the whole day scrolling up and down their phone and makes them lazy. Phones make your child lose his eyesight and childhood. There is nothing wrong in technology but there is something wrong in the people using it

  • Technology takes away children's Memories of their youth.

    Playing outdoors climbing tress, building forts,riding bikes,fishing and hunting making memories of their childhood. Give them a phone Face book,Twitter,Snapchat,Texting and Instagram. We're is any memories of their childhood at this is why we see so much depression in young kids now days. They have no memories of any fun times.

  • 1 1 2

    Technology making children lazy I agree that technology is making children lazy because most kids these days dont want to play outside or hangout with many people they would rather sit in their home and play video games or steal their parents phones to play phone games , i think that technology is taking over

  • Yes i agree

    Yes i agree that children of today are becoming lazy because of technology . They are all the time at mobile phones, tablets,PCs,etc.They do not go down to play .Even at my home all are like this only....Yes i agree that i am also like this but still i am against of this.I am not telling that technology is always bad but children are misusing of technology.

  • Lazy unmotivated children

    Today's youth would rather receive a spanking than have their cell phones taken away. I have seven children that come home from school, go in their rooms and text until dinner time. Their locking these phones so no one sees what really is going on, and sending pictures of themselves to who knows. They don't have to study anymore, and don't care to learn any real life skills and that is why I believe that you have more and more children living at home with their parents until their mid to late twenties because that's where the internet is, and laundry service and meals because they have lost the ability to dream about what they could be.

  • Children are depending on technology for everything

    As a kid who loves coming home to there phone, I agree that it is making children lazy. It is a distraction from going outside or doing physical activities. Instead of calling up your friends to hang or to talk, they go on instagram, snapchat, twitter, etc. to talk to there friends.

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  • We're blaming the wrong things!

    Children can become easily engrossed in technology, Spending hours on YouTube, Facebook and games. But we need to look at something here. Is it really the child who is being lazy?

    I would absolutely say NO. It is the PARENT who is being lazy. Too many adults are happy to give a phone or tablet to a child to shut them up and entertain them instead of actually taking on the responsibility they signed on for when they conceived a child. It's up to the parent to educate the child about what is acceptable and to teach them that being on a device for hours on end is not one of these things. Technology is important, But it's not the be all and end all.
    Teach your child to entertain themselves in other ways. Draw pictures, Play board games, Go outside and race paper boats in a stream, Build dens and ride bikes.
    Come on parents, Stop blaming technology for your own failings!

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  • Kids deserve it

    Kids aren't becoming lazy its just that parents don't care about their kids they don't understand kids all they do is judge them and jump to conclusions and are really nosy that's why we lock our phones to keep things secrets from irritating elders i'm a child i've experienced it

  • Technology is good for kids

    I have kids that play Fortnite and they been behaving more than ever. They used to have problems at school because of low understanding of common topics. Now they are having times of their lives and they are having enjoyable friends everyday. This is proof that kids can change with technology and can increase their happiness rate

  • Some may have trouble and need help

    Some kids are scared and shy and they might do bad because they are to scared to get help which is bad and Teachers should be aware of this problem so they can help the student get better grades and to do better academically and if you are scared the teacher is there to help its their job!

  • Technology helps us

    Technology is very important as without it we are nothing . If you want to live a happy life you need technology. There is a difference between a easier life and a lazier life.
    It is not technology thet makes us lazy, it is we who choose to be lazy
    So why are you blaming it all on technology

  • We need tech

    Think of all the things we cant do without tech no cars no TV no running water no electricity no lights no pretty much everything we take for granted these days I'm only 13 years old and we just started doing debating in English and it happens that this is my subject and any way how would you even be on this site without tech

  • Its been the same ever since.

    There has never been a greater oppurtunity for young people. Living in the Information age has its benifits . Children spending all day on their phone is no different than going to the couch and watching TV in the 1970s. They are lazy not because of the teconology , but because they choose to do nothing. Peoples productivity hasnt really changed in the last 100 years , if anything it has increased. Our parents will always complain about our laziness , but their parents have done the same , their just passing on the "advice".

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