• The earth is flat

    If circles are squares than the earth is a cube therefor making it flat. People are dumb because they don't support this statement. The earth is obviously flat, Its common knowledge. If there is a god the earth is flat. The earth is flat. The erth is flat. The erh is flat. It was a pressure teaching you low education dumbasses

  • Life or Death

    Now we all know that there are diseases in the world but what if we never had technology to actually fight back those diseases that are mortal, Now population is growing rapidly in the world but if we never had technology i believe there would be less humans in the world, And it is just like medicine, Medicine is also growing and helping people live better and fight back those diseases, Now if you had ever had a diseases or a flu then just think about it, There would be nothing to help stop it, WHY? Because technology, Which means some of us should have been dead by now including me.

  • Technology has saved our precious time

    Nowadays even a food is obtain at door of our house in a single call. In earlier days there were not a such facility. Students can easily learn through educational videos. People had come near. There is great advantage of technology that have no words. This space is not enough to describe it.

  • Even tho theres negative parts, Yes

    Welllll you see its a lot easier for information access and communication. Even though I have to say the fact that schools and the society relys too much on electronics hich is harmful, There is still more pros than cons. Therefore I believe technologies do make our lives easier. :)

  • Get to know

    Technology is nowadays a very important part of life. Due to social media we get to know things we've never known. We are also getting to people who live really far away. It helps us to maintain relationships with people who are living really far. It makes our life easy today

  • I think technology is both good and bad

    As stated in previous comments, technology helps you to stay in touch with your family, it is more than computers and other mobile devices and schooling has become easier and probably more effective too. But is also has it's cons. Technology is slowly ruining the world, cars let off terrible fumes and all that but they are needed for most people to survive essentially. So it goes both ways. Technology is both good and bad.

  • Technology is helping us stay connected with family

    According to The National Institute on Aging, approximately 7 million Americans are long-distance caregivers who commute at least an hour one way to provide care to an aging or disabled relative. Although considerable time is spent on travel, many caregivers feel as if they are not giving enough time to their loved one. This frustration has led many to search out other alternatives, such as hiring an in-home caregiver that can help manage care when family is not around. Helpful homecare systems and homecare software, such as ClearCare Online, has helped bridge the gap between family members and their senior loved ones. Social media sites such as FaceBook have taken the internet by storm. It has never been easier to keep in touch with friends and family around the globe by simply logging onto a computer or mobile device. Seniors can check out pictures and updates from all their loved ones – near. Free services such as Skype and FaceTime gives families the opportunity to see their long-distance relatives face-to-face. These programs can be used with a computer or mobile device, and have been designed to be user-friendly. Similarly, homecare systems and homecare software like ClearCare Online have been developed to keep families connected – even long-distance. A secure, web-based portal allows children and grandchildren to virtually “see” what is going on with their older loved one.

  • Long distance calls

    What happens when all your relatives live across the globe? You can’t just visit whenever you want! I, for one, have all of my relatives in a country which is across the world. 14 hour plane flights aren’t exactly comfortable, cheap, or last minute things. It takes time and effort to plan a trip, and since it’s so hard to fit into a schedule, it’s normally annual. It helps when you can video call your relatives whenever you miss them (all the time).

  • Yes yes yes.

    You are using technology right now to debate, this website is for you to debate, how can you say it makes your life worse and you are still using it? Shame! The life of no technology will let you really realize that it is worse! Stop! It makes life better!

  • Technology has improved our lives.

    The advancements of our technology has improved our world greatly. To begin, schooling has become much easier since our devices have advanced. Essays and reports can be written digitally, and research is easier than ever. We have spell checks and the opportunities to research new words without having to drag out a large thesaurus. Secondly, we now have more ways to connect with people online. Before, you would only have the option to meet people from your general area. Now, there are even more ways to make connections and find your perfect friend group.

  • I can't help it makes our world BLIND!

    I used technology everyday but because of that I got blind and I had to wear glasses I don't like this feeling. We could die because of technology it could do a lot of things we could get fit and we would have more fun my mom and dad tell me that I play more with my brother without any technology than with technology.

  • No no no

    Technology is ruining the world. Its sad look up in the world not down into a screen that does nothing. Average person WAISTS 4 YEARS OF THIER LIFE ON IT AND UR TELLING ME ITS GOOD CMON THINK GET OFF UR STUPID MACHINE EXPLORE THE WORLD. ITS MAKES US LAZY ETC .

  • Technology makes people dumb..

    With technology people are helped with everything and don't have to think for themselves. Research is no longer required anymore, people can just simply ask google without even moving from their chair and that is for every task they want to complete they just ask but they don't think about anything but questions but no solutions. If the internet was to crash today people would be lost with questions and no suolutions

  • No, I do not believe that technology is making our lives better.

    No, I do not believe that technology is making our lives better. Technology has advanced very quickly and has become a large part of the average person's life. There are both negative and positive aspects of technology and how it is utilized that can be argued exponentially. I believe that there are more negatives than positives. I think that the way an individual uses technology has far greater potential than technology does in itself. Therefore, technology is not making our lives better, but any person can take advantage of the wonderful opportunities that have arisen from technology and better themselves through this ingenious advancement.

  • It is so confusing half the time.

    It is made up of 1's and 0's. Why can't it be made up of 0's, 1's, 2's, 3's, 4's, 5's, 6's, 7's, 8's, And 9's and A's, B's, C's, D's, E's, F's, G's and so on. Technology is one of the most complex things. Why can't life be simple, Like they way Amish people live.

  • Hi I like turles

    I like turtles because they r cute and make funny noises. I like cats because they r soft fluffy cute and fat. I live in a state and in a house. I go to college and have a job. I love animals because they r super duper cute. Goodbye for now

  • Technology is destroying us

    Technology is producing people who are schizophrenic automatons. We are constantly forced to waste time with technology (figuring it out, Installing this and that, Worrying about updating apps, Etc. ) We are also expected to work 24/7 as work no longer ends at the end of the workday. Online classes are a joke. I hope we come full circle on this.

  • It is mastering us

    Well, The perfect example are the apps we download. . . Installing them requires access on camera, Phone book, Location, Wifi information, Your media and so the list goes on. . . . Do you think is this correct? In reteurn of serving us those apps are kind of supervising us. . . . In my point of view we are humans. . . . Have sense. . . And we don't ned technology to rely on

  • A Different Way Of Seeig Things

    Technology can be good in some ways, Its making our lives a bit better right now. But think about it, We are coming up with new ideas for new machines every day, Surgical robots, Vurtual assistants, Self checkout. . . Soon there won't be a need for human life things will be running like humans but we won't have anything to do. The way that our sociaty is build requares money but soon enough more than 50% of the poppulation will be uniploid and homeless.

  • The Zombie Apocalypse

    Its a zombie apocalypse all you see is human being walking down the street on their smart phones it is a good idea for parents with kids that they get them into the habit of maximum screen time of maybe half hour this can get them in a habit of maybe getting outside and this is the reason on this day I will vote NO on debate.Org

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