Is technology making us less human and less social?

  • Technology do make us less human

    Because when there is technology we will have a curiosity to use it and when it found things against humanity ,then also we will use it ,just like ATOM BOMB had been used . When humans evolve ,technology also changes and according to it we changes without thinking whether it is good or bad

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  • First half is true

    Technology is making us less human but makes us more social i feel that we arent really even living anymore it dosent feel real its just tsukiomi in naruto i feel like im on the other side now lol but anyways i think the world feels kind of fake or will if we keep advanceing like this its good but also bad

  • Technology is ruining our lives completely

    Whenever we think about technology we think that its the fastes thing on earth. Its making us less human in a way that we dont know how to use mail or talk to someone face to face. In my opinion i think that technology is a waste of time and ruins our childrens lives.

  • It depends what you think social is

    If you think sitting on your computer on e harmony talking to so one is social I don't think so sure your talking to some one. But you don't know them and that's not a relationship. I mean its letting us go the easy way out and not getting up and talking to people in real life.

  • Turning us into narcissists

    The good news is that technology has made the world more efficient. The bad news is that the advent of social media and computer-based work has turned us into either one of two things - mindless office drones or Facebook and Instagram obsessed narissists who compensate for something they lack in the real world by trying to prove to the Internet how popular and exciting they are.

  • Yes, technology is making us less human and less social.

    Yes, technology is making us less human and less social. Technology has allowed us humans to be able to interact with other humans without fact to face contact. It allows us to avoid confrontation which diminishes our social skills and ability to problem solve. Humans can just close the chat box, ignore a text, or block a user if they don't want to deal with them.

  • Technology Hurting Sociability

    In many ways, technology makes human beings less human and less social. Even though technology is designed to make us more social, it often has the opposite effect. Humans connect with each other less in person and more over the Internet. However, this lack of personal interaction has negative consequences.

  • Yes, technology is changing the way we communicate with others.

    One of the most basic things about being human is that we are social creatures with a rich way to communicate (language). However, technology has taken away a lot of that from us. In fact, new research is showing that young people are losing the ability to have conversations, and prefer communicating through technology (such as text messages). We used to be a cooperative species, helping one another, communicating regularly, and caring for others. Now, people are more concerned about how they come across to other people, rather than being cooperative, empathetic, and concerned. Technology is changing the way we communicate, and not for the better. The way it's changing us is not suited well to the way we were created to cooperate and interact.

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  • We are all entitled to our own opinions.

    Technology has only adapted us and we have adapted technology. I believe its just part of humanity. We need to be grateful for what it has gave us. We are still human. Though i see how some technology has proven useless and can affect us in a negative way it does not need to be used as a necessity. I was born in the 21st century and am not like most teenagers, I would prefer to live in the viking era. I have heard concerns about technology making us less social but is this not classed as socializing? If technology is changing life to be harder for you, change yourself to be stronger not change yourself to be less human by going along with the crowd.

  • That's the future of life...

    1st of all, how are you gonna socialize when you have a sore throat? You can't. How are you gonna socialize when you are sick and you can't go to school? Use technology. Plus, how are you gonna go and download free games when there's no wifi, no IPad, no nothing?

  • Technology does not make us less social

    If you think about it, of course technology doesn't make us less social where the improvement of technology from time to time has overcome the obstacles of time and space. They solve the problem of not being able to communicate because of long distance and we also can meet new people through technology and if you are an outcast in your society or even your family because you all have different interest, you can find people with the same interest through internet and you won't feel like you're an outcast with technology. Also, if you're talking about speaking face to face, sometimes people couldn't express themselves easily through face to face conversation and therefore it's the right thing to use technology to express yourself. By using technology, we also can save memories and we can share photos to other people. Also through technologies, we can know the news around the world and when there are something interesting around the world, you can discuss it with other people at school and you have more topics to talk about which means you will spend more time talking with other people. Related to make us less human, using technology is a part of human activities and of course it doesn't make us less human.

  • No technology makes us more social

    Technology has made us more social than less. 10 years ago I wouldn't have shared a good portion of what is shared on Facebook with anyone. The term of all the new internet apps is social media which means people are actually being more social than they were in the past.

  • Technology is Not Impacting Our Humanity

    No, new technology is not impacting our humanity and making us less social. In fact, if anything, it is the other way around. Using technologies such as social networking, people are able to stay in touch in ways never dreamed of before now. Technology is helping us to preserve who we are.

  • Technology isn't making us less human or social.

    It has just changed the way we do things. You can't be less human. You are a human being and nothing can change that. As far as being social, it's just different. We used to have to travel on horse and buggy to see how friends and family are doing. Did cars make us less social? Did telephones? No. We just progress and change. It is part of being human.

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