Is technology ruining human relationships?

Asked by: rija
  • It is harmful

    The modern technology is harmful to the society. Though we are getting many help from it but still one are the other way that is indirectly we are harmed by it. This affects the human relations and human values. So we should be aware in using the modern technology today

  • It is bad

    Present improved technology is leading to many problems in the society though it may help us in many other ways more than the help we are harmed by it. So we people should be aware in using the modern technology. We should use it in a limited and good way.

  • Yes it has

    Relationships are suffering; we have computers/phones taking the place of human interaction, Physical interaction. I believe it is destroying relationships. Also, Take the "tech" in the space field; their are people literally starving in the world, Yet we spend billions, Eventually trillions on going into space. . . What are we looking for that we don't have here on earth? I believe it will destroy our humanity before any "hidden planet" or asteroid hits us!

  • Exploits human interations

    Due to advancements in technology , interactions between people who are nearer to each other decreases.In spite of speaking with our neighbours and relatives we are talking with people who are unknown to us through social media without knowing about the danger of social networks and spoiling the relationship with our relatives.

  • Look around yourself

    Texting and driving, social media addiction, games and apps that bleed buyers dry. We are tapped into our devices so badly that we cannot even properly construct personal relationships anymore. I am a teacher, and I feel like I am constantly struggling to just gain eye contact. It is out of control.

  • Technology IS ruining our relationships.

    I've seen couples be able to sit next to each other and not even glance at each other because one is on their phone and the other playing some video game. We don't really talk to each other anymore either, we text or snapchat and we don't really communicate how we used to. 80% of communication is nonverbal and we aren't getting that 80%. We ignore each other and only pay attention to each other because we are so enamored by our technology.

  • Yes i believe so.



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  • Technology is ruining human relationships

    Technology is ruining human relationships because it can get addicting. Now people meet friends online, but those people can be lying about their personality and background. What if you want to go meet someone online, and they claimed they are 10, but what if they are 30 or forty. Kids involved in online relationships will think that they met their best friend but instead they could just meet the person that wants to kidnap him/her. I watched documentarys about teens 13-19 meeting people online and meeting them. The victim went to the house to meet the person but the (friend) called the parents too see if she/he would come. When they came to meet their online friend, he grabbed him/her like a kidnapper would. He set them in front of the parents and had him/her talk to their own parents. What I'm trying to say is that technology is fun and all, but you need to be careful about who you meet and talk to. I'm still saying its ruining human relationships because face to face conversations are ruined and you can loose a loved one to a crazy person.

  • In a way it is destroying us.

    Technology alone is not ruining anything. The way we misuse technology is what is ruining human relationships. The purpose of technology is make things easier. We have changed technology to where it is harming us. We rely on technology so much that we are losing our human abilities such as: having a civil conversation, publicly speaking, and being comfortable around people etc. We are ruining the reason for technology because nothing is ever good enough.

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  • Technology is not spoiling human relations

    Actually man is the only weapon to spoil himself and others but technology is a necessity thing to all of us and truly it is helping more for us to connect to people at distant places and the thing is technology is a good messenger to all of us it's true

  • It doesn't destroy us

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  • It is part of our evolution - but with a caveat

    Technology brings people together and connects more people together in more ways than ever before.

    But like those whom have supported both Yes and No arguments has pointed out, overusing technology and being addicted to it may ruin human relationship. However it is important to know that this is purely subjective and it is their own opinion - these people whom often say overusing technology ruins relationship believes so because they themselves do not like the person they are interacting with do so (this is solely their opinion, and they should not impose their own opinion on others). If two parties in any relationship fancy using technology to communicate with each other, and accept each other doing so, the relationship would work out just fine.

    The only real caveat is no matter whether humans are ready or not to embrace technology, there are humanly traits - i.e. Respect, Intimacy, body language, that are fundamentally built into us all. Some of these are even down to a biological level (not social), i.e. pheromones, sensual stimulation, etc - right now technology isn't yet able to further increase intimacy between humans (assuming both individuals are beside each other) as compared to the intimacy two would have without technology.

    However, this may change in the near future and Humans must be able to accept the fact and move on to the next part of human evolution.

  • Technology is not the culprit

    Technology has nothing to do with ruined relationships. Rather,it is helping us connect with more people. If used in a controlled manner, it just another utility that has helped us get to know more people in our lives. The idea that social networks have made us unsociable is irrational and laughable. From my perspective, it is the overuse of technology by people who have all the time of the world to waste that the myth of technology ruining relations has anchored itself in our minds.

  • It’s helping them

    How can you connect with your loved ones if you don’t have technology? Think about how hard it was before technology was invented. It took months to reach your loved ones through a letter but now by using technology you can email or send a instant message no matter how far they are.

  • It's helping us

    Because if we don't have technology how can we see an other people. When you or your acquaintance go oversea how can you see them. Of course you can write a letter but do you thing that technology is more helpful in that situation. I argee that technology sometimes make you don't talk with each orther too much but when you use it in rightway and control it so do you thing technology ruining human relationship now?

  • No no no

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  • No no no

    It has made my friends and I so close since I have moved. My girl and I use it a lot too. If I'm away we use it talk. No matter what we will have it here. Technology will alway be here. There is nothing you guys can really do about it.

  • Undoubtedly this isn't true.

    The technology improve the human relationships, once that is easier to talk to the others. Never in the history was so common to share feelings with each other. With the technology, it's possible to start a conversation with people from many coutries and know more from other people life. If this is to ruining human relationships I don't know what helps.

  • It actually Helps

    Ok so what the first poster said technology can actually help. If people didn't have technology they would not be able to talk to people all over the world and we would not meet half of the people in the world. Ai do believe that technology can help people. It helps me especially dealing with Social Anxiety so no technology does nothing to our relationships.

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