• Technology is shrinking the world

    Yes technology is shrinking the world because it is letting us stay inside instead of us going outside and meeting people, its also making us lazy because we are spending more time online and not enough time outside. Yes there are workout apps but all they do is tell us how far we have ran our walked and how much weight we have lost, but it is still not making a huge affect.

  • Yes the world is shrinking cause there be hoes

    Because y'all be sending nudes and they be going to China you be send them to do the guys who lives next doer and by the morning some Asian will be hitting you up sending you and picture of ya booty like cat_lover be hittin you up asking for some booty like I mean y'all need to chill but

  • Yes it is making our world smaller

    It is making our world smaller because there our countries on the other side of the world but if you go to you computer or mobile device and type in the country it will come up pictures, information, and any news in that country to close it of the Internet is making our world smaller

  • It very is... BECAUSE OF GNOMES

    Because Milhouse Manastorm the gnome mage built a world shrinker and is using it to make himself big and the world small. They say he's doing it is because people keep saying he looks constipated. This is why you do not, I MEAN DO NOT, f with gnomes and there inventions.

  • Are you able to go on a vacation to the USA?

    I think technology is definitely shrinking the world. Imagine 100 years ago. I live in Singapore now, and I lived before in the Netherlands, I went on a vacation to the USA from there. Was it a possibility to go there and back within 4 weeks? And after you have went are you able to keep in touch with the friend you met who lives in China just by typing it in your phone? I think it is not. So there you can see that technology made it possible to connect with the rest of the world, and that is figuratively the shrinking of the world

  • Globalization! It is the definition of why and how our world is shrinking.

    To put it plainly Globalization. Ironically Google the definition: The process by which businesses or other organizations develop international influence or start operating on an international scale.-
    This was the starting point in which our countries began to seek out new AOI's (Areas of interaction),in order to grow. Now that we have grown so much people's views have been opened to a perspective of communication. Referencing purely to Globalization. If its good or bad is a whole other question but yes in a sense we are becoming an interconnected world. Yes we are getting smaller.

  • Yes it is

    We are surrounded by technology it is everywhere. Anyone and anything can connect with each other anywhere using different types of technology. We are becoming less sociable because all we do today is communicate people through social media, not as many people are actually going and meeting and chatting to people in person, they can sit at home and do that on their own phones/computers/IPads etc. Technology is great! We wouldn't be where we are today without it! The world is very interconnected and it will be even more in the future when technology is more advanced and edited.

  • Yes, technology is bringing the world together

    Technology is bringing the world closer. We can communicate with people all over the world and can arrange things in different countries just through technology. We can contact people from different cultures and cities through social media on the internet. We can organise traveling to different countries through a computer. The internet has brung all countries closer then they have ever been before.

  • The world has certainly shrunk!

    Everywhere we see more and more means of communication getting developed and technology getting more stronger, thus bringing people around the globe together. The modes of communication have got better with internet as with the use of video conferences and calls you are at the reach of a person whose thousands of miles away from you!

  • Yes, we are becoming more global.

    When you can send an email or a text around the globe at any time of the day or night and when you can gather opinions from all over or find out about a protest that is going on thousands of miles away, you realize that there is a good aspect to technology.

  • No technology is life

    Technology is all over the world and will be way into the future. It is way for kids to talk to their friends who may be farther away from the and can not see them for a period of time. Im not saying i am full on NO but i do support NO more than the YES. :3

  • No, technology is expanding our reach.

    When we think about technology shrinking the world, it seems an obvious fact. We are now able to communicate at speeds never thought possible, and to "know" people we have never met. That ability may seem to make the world a smaller place, but it is also broadening our horizons. For instance, scientists can rapidly communicate the results of their research and cooperate in ways not formerly possible. This ability alone actually makes the world a bigger place and provides a situation in which human possibilities can expand.

  • No way technology can do that

    Technology has been a simple thing in our lives every day. How could something so advanced do that. The country close to the Internet could never shrink. I say this because I don't feel the world shrinking. I know that is what some people think but I don't believe it.

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