• Socially, the human species is finished.

    How often do you lift your head from your phone and take a look around just for a minute? You will notice that pretty much everybody is sat head down staring a glaze into a screen. Even the youth, rather than go outside with friends, go home turn on a computer and communicate via voice. The communication skills of men, women and children has been going for a long long time, i mean with technology there is no romance anymore either. The idea of meeting a person face to face without looking them up first, knowing every detail about them beforehand is crazy in todays society. I sit here with 3 devices myself knowing i am also part of the problem.

  • Technology-in-social leads to development of fearful society.

    In social scope, we can observe that most of us are socially corrupted. We are pretending to be brave yet we just virtually being brave, just like I did in this session. I believe if we bring this debate by reality, and not a virtual system, there will be just some of us willing to stand and speak. The rest of us will be silent and keep hearing without coming out with some ideas. Actually, we are scared to face reality.

  • I think yes.

    Hanging out and socializing with your friends is becoming less and less stimulating as we obtain more technology, some people may only have their phones in their pockets and checking the time every 30 minutes, and that's okay if you're at least talking to your friends, but more and more people go so far as to bring tablets and mini computers in their bags and they feel the need to bring them out as soon as you sit down.

    I've personally been out with people who sat with their phones in their faces and not socializing at all, and I think it's awkward how no one is bringing up any conversation with any of the people you're hanging out with. So with more people burying their faces in their phones and tablets, it is more "socially harming".

  • "Alone Together" unfortunately.

    Dinner, movies, hanging with friends, and all other times of the day technology is present. Sherry Turkle in her book "Alone Together", talks about technology and how it has invaded our time with family and friends. Hanging and socializing with friends has become just a tech fest where the entire time is spent staring at the screens of our cell phones or laptop. We have lost the ability to enjoy the moment and socialize.

  • More Than Likely

    I don't put the blame all on technology. After all, at a young age parents have more control over what they allow the child to do growing up.

    However, technology does add an extra barrier socially between people. I have seen/heard others prefer disconnection from people "person to person," and even on the phone. To make matters worse, technology doesn't create the same relationship that people get in person. Well for most people I would think. That means people are seeing people less, talking to them less, and all to be on technology where they don't interact with other people as fulfilling to keep a relationship.

    So I vote yes. I'd like to see a no though :) would be interesting for a good argument.

  • Yes i think the technology harms people a lot in many aspects.

    Mixed information conveyed by technology like TV ,computer and so on may mislead people. Spending more time online make people indifferent to their friends and family in real life. The accident caused by the nuclear power plant endanger people's life and the environment. So many traffic accidents caused by high-tech vehicles contribute to death to people. Human seems to be less industrious because most of things can be done by machine of high technology. There are so many online fraudsters which does harm to human's character of honesty so that it is very hard for people to trust each other nowadays.

  • It harms students and their learning capability/experience

    With the new upcoming technology, it harms students who are in school because if you look around in your class there are multiple students who are rather playing on their phones than reading a book and paying attention in class, it is corrupting our society because it cuts our communication skills, we talk about everything over text message so we don't have anything to talk about in person

  • Yes because yes

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  • Absolutely technology is harming humanity socially.

    People can't socialize with people face to face. Most often people prefer to hide behind a screen from others, afraid of what people may think, or maybe they are to shy to show their face directly. Also, we tend to "avoid" face to face conflict. In fact it makes conflicts worse than what they already are. You can type something and not mean it to be nasty or harmful, but who can tell by text? On top of that, How do you expect people to get jobs, and friends, etcetera. Because of social media and hiding behind a screen, how are you supposed to explain yourself confidently facing someone new? People need to be able to handle Face to face contact. Last but not least, studies show the social media that comes along with technology, such as instagram, twitter, facebook, etc, can have a influence in self-esteem issues. As if insecurities weren't already an issue, technology made it worse. People all over could be judging you, or even comment something to hurt you, or maybe you don't get as many likes as someone else. All these things hurt self-esteem which makes it even harder to social face to face. Hands down, Technology is socially harming humanity right before our eyes.

  • I would further drill down and say social media and cell phones are harming society.

    Social media is way to connect with one another and some have their merits. LinkedIn for example serves an important function and is very useful. I do think that Facebook, snapchat, and Instagram are having a negative impact on many people. I also think attachment to cell phones is almost an epidemic at this point.

    The problem is people care too much about their online lives. On a mass scale people can't seem to handle the constant activity on social media and attention they may or may not be getting. Studies show lots of negative effects such as anxiety, its effects on relationships, but honestly I would rather just use my own personal observations here. Social media is a tool for most people to brag, seek attention, and is overall a very narcissistic place. I just do not see a lot of upside other than connecting with people you don't even care enough about to call once and a while!

    The phone use is my main concern. It is hard to just have a normal conversation as people have "phone anxiety". This is the habit to check your phone every 2 minutes even though nothing important is going on. Similar to walking into the kitchen to open the fridge when you aren't even hungry or trying to eat. It is a nervous tick that diminishes our interactions.

    I grew up during the technological shift, but only got a cell phone at the end of high school. I fear the youngest adults currently so embedded in technology they do not know what they are missing. "It is all they know". It will be interesting to see the negative effects these cell phones will have post childhood. When you look outside and see no kids outside I do not think that is good for them.

  • Tech. Is not a cause for anything.

    Technology is not responsible for the use humans make of it. Nuclear chain reaction is not the cause of an hypothetical apocalypse as it wouldn't be the cause of the end of the energy crisis in the planet.

    Our options on how we use technology are the causes of all.

    Faebook, Twitter, Instagram, Smartphones etc. will enhance our social life if balanced with actual and traditional physical presence.

  • It is changing social interactions.

    I do not believe that technology is socially harming humans, it is just harming our current interpretatn of how we should act socially. Language and interactions always change over time, evolving to suit the current situaton, much as our social behaviour has changed since Victorian times, it will continue to adapt to the technology that we create.

  • Technology is made by HUMANS ONLY !

    Technology is the creation of human itself.. We made it and it depends on us whether we take it in a positive ,anger or negative manner, so that is affects our life and daily day routines. Using laptops, mobile phones, iPads and other electronic gadgets in our free time depends on the person how he uses it, whether he uses it for the whole day or to just have a glance of the world what's going around. Using Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter and other social apps is the way to connect with friends far off places and stay in contact with them. Usage of all these apps depends on the person whether he can manage to use these things and balance it in such a way so that it do it affect our life, relationships and hurt someone's feelings or trust....

  • Technology provides us with tools which, in theory, are designed to improve our situation.

    I think some people may need to ask themselves if they are in control of their gadgets or their gadgets are in control of them...

    As others have said, it is how we use or misuse these technological gadgets that dictates whether what we gain is more than what we lose. There is a danger of becoming dependent and too easily distracted... In all honesty, I think that as long as we maintain a degree of self-control or self-discipline, as long as we remember to carve out time to devote to those things which are important, such as face-to-face interactions, time outdoors, being fully present and attentive to the moment we inhabit at any given time (also time to reflect on the vast amounts of information we are exposed to, time to sort the significant and relevant from the inane drivel), then we should benefit rather than be harmed by the Internet, the smart phones, and all those other devices which have come to seem so indispensable and central to our lives.

    We must always try to keep a sense of perspective and to remember these things are here to serve us, not for us to become enslaved to them (which we are if we are too dependent upon them). Balance and moderation are key, as they have always been. To anyone who could not go a day without checking their email or logging on to some social site, like Facebook, I would say, challenge yourself to a little 'disconnect' holiday. I like to do this from time to time, little things like going out without my phone, deliberately not switching the computer on for a day, not going online at all for those weeks I'm away on holiday - things which allow total immersion in other activities. It does the mind good :) and, guess what? You find the world, or your social life, have not collapsed in your absence.


  • Technology is not the problem

    Technology is not the problem, people are the problem. Human beings have a tendency to blame inanimate objects for problems they have created. People will blame a alcohol instead of the alcoholic. People will blame the gun and not the shooter. People find it difficult to accept responsibility for some reason.

    The social problems associated with technology is the result of the abuse of technology. People will use cell phones to go on the internet while on the bus rather than talk with a stranger. Families can eat dinner at separate times because they have a microwave to heat food up at different times of the day. Rather than think about one's own problems, we can just hop on the internet or watch television as a distraction. This abuse of technology makes life easier for individuals but it distorts their view of reality. People ordinarily would not be as social awkard as we see people in today's time. They have the luxury of burying themselves in a cellphone, watching a TV show, or typing on a website. The abuse of technology is the problem. Not technology.

  • It is enhancing it.

    I communicate with far more people over a much more diverse range than my parents ever did.
    I never talked to foreign people very often growing up, now it's almost daily. The people who are near by I see often and when needed we have more communication as texts etc are additional.

    Technology is awesome and only detrimental if you use it to replace visiting people because you are lazy, hardly techs fault it makes you feel a bit better you emailed them instead.

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