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    Technology is taking over because we are so dependant on it. We require it for many things from eating, Shopping and even education. When the wifi or power go out, Think of how little you can do. It's like people have forgotten what books are :(. I think that people should try a little harder to become less dependant on technology.

  • We dont need electronis

    We need it but not for every thing because most things can be done with a pencil and a paper but now electronics are taking over our lives but alot of people say we need them but in reality we reality we dont nesssecaraly need all the electronics we have today

  • Yes, In a Way

    Well, technology is a general statement (wheels are technology) so I am assuming you mean the still-broad category of electronics. It is true, electronics are very much a part of our lives and is in almost everything. However, in the way of computers, TVs, iPhones, and iPods, no, it isn't. While they are important, they are often not used. Some people let it take them over but on average, I don't believe it has taken over completely. THe reason I answered yes: Since you said taking over, it is in the process for many. Not all people are being taken over but on average, yes, I think it is. I went on a retreat with friends and everyone but three of us had their phones out and were only social about 70% of the time.

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