• Technology is taking over.

    Technology is the main issue here. If people could easily not use technology as some of you may think, then I wouldn't be seeing people TEXTING each other when they are RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER. A very good book to look at to prove this is Feed. Feed is about a society where people have a technological thing in their head that shows them tv, texts people at their own thought, or even showing you ads without you even doing a thing. Go to this link if you want to check it out:

  • Technology is taking over

    As much as we may be the problem, technology is more of the main issue. Even though we may need them to talk to others who are far away, we over use this. I have seen people TEXTING the person who is right next to them. If people could easily choose when to use technology like myself because I didn't grow up with a lot of technology, They would just as easily talk to the person next to them. Technology Is also taking over our jobs and our minds. We can barely fight back. We just do whatever technology wants us to. If you want even more proof, read FEED. Its a good book about a society where everyone (or mostly everyone has a feed [technological development]) that can easily text a person from your thoughts or even show you ads without you even doing a thing and everyone is much more stupid, because they can also easily have it tell them what things are without actually knowing what it is, just like how if most people don't know things they will Google it

  • We are too dependent on tech

    We use technology for everything. I wouldn't be saying this without the internet, much less the computer. The greatest astronomers in history used what they learned about constellations, math, and physics to study the universe. You know what we use? Computers, calculators, any device that does the math for us. Yes, technology has it's benefits but look at the long term effects: the human race is growing stupid with each generation.

  • Humans are obsolete

    Not only is technology taking over the personal life of people all over the world it is taking over many jobs of hard working people. Factories have been beta testing new machines that has human like movements and they have been proven to be more functional than human workers and also cheaper in the long run. Given this information in 10-15 years humans will barely be needed in the workplace.

  • It is taking over

    You see technology everywhere and technology is going to increase in the future more and more. Technology maybe helping but the new bionic body that replaces body id so not cool is say that technology is increasing so much that you don't even relies what you are trusting on! Technology is surly taking over

  • Of course it takes over!

    Pardon me for my headline, but come on. I my self can't live with out my phone and I pick it up to check the social medias whenever I get bored. I see this everyday. It IS a problem because we can't control it anymore. I believe it's a bad habit.

  • Technology takes over our lives

    Tech is everywhere we use it everyday traffic lights, cars, phones, the coffee machines, bikes, tv's, even just a simple door. Anything that moves in a certain way that is convenient is a part of technology. And all most all ways it helps us do something quicker and do it easier

  • Technology takes over lives

    The more advanced we get in technology the lazier people become. More and more children would rather stay inside and play video games than go outside to play. Our communication is getting to the point where people barley have face to face conversations without being distracted by an electronic device.

  • Robots Eventually Do Menial Tasks

    Technology is taking over our lives--everyone has a cell phone that can look up information on the Internet. Cars are becoming more and more automated. Tablet computers are everywhere. Eventually, robots will do menial tasks such as taking out the garbage, cleaning toilets and taking tickets at toll booths. The more automated we become, the more technology takes over our lives both now and in the future.

  • I believe that technology is taking our life.

    Technology is used in every aspect of our lives, We use our phones in our free time, In our work, And even while talking together. The average person uses social media platforms around 2 and a half hours a day which is around 1/9 of our day. Not only do we use technology as entertainment but also for reading, Working, Advertising, And even learning. Companies take advantage of our time using social media to use our personal information, And use this data to reach every part of our lives.

  • Practicality over anything

    Technology I personally think is at a point where it's actually beneficial, it's helping people do things indepently and its current execution I believe is finally done right, Google assistant I'd say is the best example, simply use it here and there it starts giving you helpful stuff like the traffic and weather yet if we don't need that it's happily sitting on a home screen out of the way. And tbh there is definitely a point where it does get silly but all I would do in that situation is take a step back and ask myself "is this actually going to be any help to me in my day to day life?" Most of the time the answer is yes but it always varies on what I'm doing, I'm keeping all of these questions in my mind when I'm downsizing my tech like cutting down from my laptop to my tablet. Not only is it more portable but it's much more eco friendly etc

  • No ya numpties

    Of course it isn't, people often fixate on the idea that technology is taking over our lives however without technology our lives would be taken over by other things. Technology is a prevailing thing in the modern world however it isn't taking over our lives. Technology is key to life

  • People are the problem

    It is NOT technology that is the problem, WE are the problem. We can decide whether or not technology should be in our lives. YOU can decide how much time you want to spend on technology. WE also created technology in the first place. We have just grown overly dependent on it. We can decide whether we want to check our smartphones, check emails, messages, watch tv, play videogames, etc. WE have the control over technology and how much it should or shouldn't be a part of our lives.

  • Some Are Tech Obsessed

    In some cases I do believe we are seeing technology taking over our lives. I think many people ca not imagine being without their cell phone or tablet, which is a problem because these items never truly allow a person to relax and enjoy life. I think this problem is worse for some people.

  • Lies it is lies

    Technology only takes over certain people's minds but not all of them and it is ridiculous how people critisize against technology. Technolygy makes jobs labor and businesses easier but not everyone that uses technology life's is taken over by it only certain people that use technology to much Life wiil be taken over by it but not all that use technology

  • Its creating new market

    When something new is made, There is a market for it. It all goes the same with tech products. If someone comes out with something life changing, Then there is a new market for people to work in. So it is more of an eye for an eye thing. You sacrifice a small part of a job being done with tech for a new job that sells that tech, So we are at an even pace right now. Once they make technology managers or storekeepers at cheap prices, Then my opinion might change.

  • Very stupid idiots

    Instead of spending time here on electronics when you think it is a bad thing, Get the fuck off it and stop wasting your time on this shit if that’s what you think it is. Stupid fucks. It is a good thing, It has opened so many opportunities. Your still communicating with the person next to you weather it is text or not.

  • What do you think they are doing on there device

    There probably talking to someone but online. For example maybe someone is writing an email to someone in China. Or talking to an old friend in collage. I think Tech Is not destroying society. Tell me what you think because I am not biased about it so tell me your opinion.

  • We need fortnite

    Fortnites the best game i can't live without it people go up to me and say your addicted to fortnite your addicted but its just a fun game i still go outside wach my kids im addicted but its fun you don't have to put your phone or you game systems down SPEAK UP

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