Is technology taking students' focus away from academics?

  • Tech isn't always good

    People are crashing and dying because of certain iPhone games. For example Pokémon go has caused so many deaths and so has Snapchat. People don't realize the affects of technology in a family it can split people apart."a smart phone, a dumb world". People nowadays have problems with being on their phone instead of being with family.

  • Technology is the root of taking away Focus...

    Arent thou not right? What does thou go unto in the soul when changing perespective from reality and a screen? Is it not changing your dimensional aspect of reality when thoust go underneath? I fear for many in this new generation and era of technology by having everyone connected in some way all at once. It does indeed take our focus away from this beautiful world but in the end man will try to know all things by the use of this power and not see truth for themselves right before their eyes.

  • Yes it is is

    Many students ae always using phones and electronic gadgets.Most children don't do well in their studies as they always use phones and so on... I think that students must not be using electronic gadgets at all. If i was a parent of a child i wouldn't let him or her have any electronic gadgets at all.

  • Yes, technology is

    Technology is taking away the students' focus away from academics. I am a student. Every time i ask my sister something she will be busy with her phone all the time. I think using cell phones is making us lazier as when i asked my friend to join me to play badminton she said she wanted to play the computer or the tablet. So i agree that Technology is taking away the students' focus away from academics

  • Technology Can Detract from Learning

    Many students are focused more on their cellphones and ipods than on learning when they enter the classroom today. Additionally, the ease with which they can access information through the Internet devalues the rigors of learning to use a library properly or even doing research for an academic project. Everything is available at their fingertips all the time, and they don't know how to look for needed information if Google fails them.

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  • Lacking Focus is The Problem

    I can see what others are concerned about, but... It's not like the technology is the cause of the failing grades. The main problem is the lack of focus the students are having, so although the parents take away the gadgets, they will still unable to study well because they don't have the will to.

  • No, technology helps!

    Technology Helps Students connect with teachers and do homework (i.E. Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets, etc.) It helps Students socialize at home but most schools ban the usage of phones in school unless used for academic purposes! I think that it should be supported and used more instead of paper

  • No, technology is academics.

    No, technology is not taking students' focus away from academics, because technology aids academic pursuits. Students learn to communicate by texting. They learn to type from social media. Technology is the new way that students learn. Learning to use technology is an academic in and of itself. Technology among students should be encouraged, not discouraged.

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