Is Technology the Reason that the Role of women has changed?

Asked by: Niedermeier
  • Yes technology helped prove themselves.

    Without the numerous advances in technology women would still be placed into that "homemaker" role. They were the first computers. Actually programming and coding into machines. Because of this they kept pushing in the labor forces and proving themselves to men that they can benefit society outside of the house.

  • No technological association, rather democracy

    The change of the role of women cannot be defined in terms of technological advancements. Rather, it is one of the outcomes of the implemetation of democracy. Because democracy demands equal rights to each gender, thus promoting education, employment for women. THUS the core values in a society changeand roles are beginning to switch ( or expand at least)

  • Not the biggest reason.

    While technology did play a role, I would argue that the elimination of gender roles is a part of the natural progression of society. Sooner or later, a culture will discover that basing it's roles on an individuals abilities is more beneficial than basing it on their genitalia. Gender roles are simply ineffective in todays context as it limits competition and diversity, stagnating progress.

  • The World Wars were more important

    At least in the West, the World Wars paved the way for female independence in the society. The men went off to war and the women were the ones working in factories, running small businesses, and otherwise contributing to the work force significantly. When the war was over, many of the women stayed on working as the death toll meant there were vacant jobs. Families liked the extra income, and women enjoyed the independence.

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