• He is extremely intelligent.

    Ted Cruz is extremely smart, and he is a master debater. Ted Cruz believes in upholding the Constitution, such as the Second Amendment. Ted Cruz is strong in his beliefs, and works nonstop for efforts and causes he believes in. Ted Cruz correctly predicted about how ObamaCare would be one of the worst things to happen to America, and he spoke passionately for 21 hours in the Senate about this. Also, Ted Cruz is an amazing father, reading Green Eggs and Ham to his daughters as a bedtime story when holding the filibuster on ObamaCare, at the same time using that story as a metaphor for ObamaCare. He said that unfortunately, unlike in the book when America tried ObamaCare we didn't like it.

  • At Least He's Got Passion

    Too often I turn on the TV and I see some stuffy Capitol Hill politicians reading their carefully crafted speeches, and their lack of genuine enthusiasm makes for boring speeches. Who knows, Ted Cruz might be way too conservative, but at least he makes it interesting, know what I mean?

  • He's an opportunist!

    And there's certainly nothing amazing about that. Cruz isn't a "Public Servant". He's self-serving. To be honest, we have more than enough of them in Washington, D.C. We don't need more!

    Should we be amazed that Cruz concealed his Canadian birth from voters? Why not admit that, from the start? Is he ashamed? My guess is that he knew most Texans wouldn't vote for him.

    Should we be amazed that he spearheaded the government shut-down in 2013? It doesn't impress me. I saw my sister in-law struggle to make ends meet, as a government employee, during that mess. According to S&P, the shutdown took $24B out of the U.S. economy! No need to complain about Obama's spending. It wasn't the Democrats who took that chunk out of America's GDP growth. It was Ted Cruz & the Tea Party!

    America needs people in elected office who want to serve the nation -- not themselves. Cruz, with all his elitist connections, just does not measure-up. And his power-driven, ambitious wife is no help. Amazing? No. He's typical of what the GOP keeps trying to sell as the "future" of this country. Thankfully, the majority of us just aren't buying it!

  • Amazing? For what?

    Ted Cruz has not done anything to be considered amazing. What has he done to earn the respect of being called "amazing?" Cruz has not done anything of significance except complain and impede Congress. Some may celebrate the government shut down last Fall but that does not make Ted Cruz a hero. Heroes do great things in a great way. Cruz can be replaced by any political dissident willing to make a ruckus.To be considered amazing, you need to do amazing things. Not offer maddening complaints in the face of polarization. But still, I will admit I respect Ted Cruz for standing up.

  • The New Joe McCarthy

    Ted Cruz is looking out for Ted Cruz, and that is all he cares about. He is a blowhard who is filled with hate and conspiracies. He is a showman, a snake oil salesman, and those foolish enough to buy his product will be sorry when they find out they were ripped off. Ted Cruz is as phony as they come, there is no difference between him and a dishonest used car salesman. Listen to him at your own risk, not me, I wasn't born yesterday and where I'm from you learn to spot a fraud a mile away, in this case, 10 miles away.

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