Is Ted Cruz lying about Australian gun control laws to defend US gun control laws?

  • I'm an Australian and I know he has misinterpreted the facts

    Prior to 1996 changes in Legislation, a miniscule proportion of the Australian population had handguns - so the argument that women were left defenceless without handguns is a totally baseless conclusion. The fact is that women have become more likely to report rape in the years since the changes in 1996. I'm a shooter and firearm owner. I have no issue with the Australian laws and know that having strict controls on who can access firearms is a very positive thing for responsible and legitimate gun owners - it helps keep firearms out of the wrong hand! Despite the widespread patriotism in the US, American firearms marketing often refer to 'the threat'. What is this threat? We don't have any 'threat' here in Australia and can walk around without any concern about violent people with guns. I would not choose to live in a country where this so called 'threat' means that we need to be ever vigilante about self defence. That's not living!!

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