Is Ted Turner the most influential person in cable television history?

  • He started it.

    Yes, Ted Turner is the most influential person in television cable history, because it was his actions that paved the way for all of the progress that we see today. Many have followed in his footsteps, but Turner was the true pioneer in the emerging field of cable television all of those years ago. He had a vision, and no one has done more than he has.

  • He must be.

    Well he must be because Ted Turner is pretty much the only name I can recall when it comes to cable television. If someone was more influential, I would probably know their name. I mean we have Warner Brothers, but who are they. Are they even real people or did the name just sound good?

  • Yes as of now he is

    Ted Turner has built a huge cable empire and has influenced a lot of what cable has become. He is definitely one of the most influential people in the history of cable and should be recognized as such. His legacy will live on through his channels and all the programs he has.

  • He was, but not any more.

    I think that Ted Turner mastered a number of cable and television formats that are in use today, which makes him one of the industry's visionaries. The mere existence of the CNN news channel, the first all news channel in the world, is a lasting testament to his genius. But he's past tense now. He's retired.

  • No, but definitelly up there.

    I do not think Ted Turner is the most influential person in cable television history; however, he has to be in the top three. It would be honestly pretty difficult to give this particular title to anyone when it comes to the history of cable television. How about the inventor of TV itself?

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