• Against teen pregnancy

    I think teen pregnancy is not good because some teens can get hurt off of teen pregnancy
    and i also think that teens should not have boyfriends because that is what make girls get pregnant at that young age which is not good so i think that they should stop.

  • The real problem is the social attitude towards teen pregnancy

    Teen pregnancy is only a problem because we make it out to be. We portray teen moms, as parents who are don't know how to take care of a baby, which is actually the case with most 1st time moms, and that they rack up welfare money, again not true. Only 1% of teen moms are on welfare. Even better, the most accurate studies show teen motherhood is not socially costly and may even be economically beneficial for certain poor populations.

  • Life isn't ruined.

    People always say that your life is ruined whenever you have a child at such a young age. It actually motivated me to fight stronger for the best in my child's life and mines. I graduated, I am working, I am going to school. I am fairly just as well as other teen students without a child.

  • Against Teen Preganancy

    There is no way one could consider teen pregnancy a good thing. Far too many lives have been damaged due to teen pregnancy in the past. The teen for one must make adult decisions regarding the infant, thereby taking away the joy of being a teen. The infant may pay a large price by being raised by a child as well. Both of these would cause life long problems.

  • I find nothing wrong with Teen Pregnancy

    I am not a teen mom, but I am not against it. My family is against it. My friend had a baby recently. My parents were upset about it and didnt want me to hang out with her. The way i see it, a baby is a good thing. As long as you are responsible and mature enough to handle it, you can make a good mom. And because your young, you can love you child longer than someone who has their baby at 35. I hate it when people bash on teen girls who are pregnant or have a baby. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with it. Get over it.

  • Things often end up okay

    I am the product of a teen pregnancy, and both my life and my mother's life are awesome. We have a very close relationship due to our small age difference. I am a 3.5 student and am considered a nice, well-rounded kid by many of the adults in my life. We are both well off now, regardless of early decisions. While my mother did not want a child as a teenager, she still raised me right and she showed that she could be an amazing mother. There have been no negative consequences to my early birth, and I would simply not exist if so many people said that teen pregnancy is a bad thing.

  • Teen pregnancy isn't good but it's not bad

    I think I you're old enough to take a risk of getting pregnant and you think you're mature enough then why not? If you KNOW you will give you're baby the best you can then why is it bad? I don think you should plan to get pregnant but not all teen parents are terrible parents and not all of them go on welfare? Why do teen mothers get bashed on? They just want to hear what any other mother wants to hear. Congratulations on the little bundle of joy. Just because you're a teen doesn't mean you won't make a good parent. Teen mom and other things like that give us false perception on it.

  • Why would it be wrong?

    I'm a teen mother so of course i see nothing wrong with it. There are many advantages. You're younger and keep up with them better. You can have a closer relationship. Teen mothers are just as good as a mom who is 35 and in some cases better. We do the same thing any other mom does.

  • It'll Be okay

    I myself am a teen Mommy, I myself can say it does have it's ups and it's downs. Age to me really doesn't matter it's all about the maturity level and how patient you are. When i found out i was pregnant i had just turned 17 years old. I was so unprepared to have a baby financially, But i had a bunch of support from my family. Me being as mature as i am i kept the baby and got a well paying job to support me and him. I completely support teen pregnancy if you can emotionally and financially handle it. I also support abortion if it is a life and death situation. I also support adoption aswell, Adoption isn't a bad word! It's completely okay!! If you can't handle the baby or it just isn't the right time for you it's okay you're not doing wrong you're giving that child a chance to start their life. Trust me i kept my little boy and i am so happy every time i see his little face early in the morning my heart skips a beat, it's just so beautiful that i could possibly make something so precious! It's totally worth it and if you're getting a lot of hate and judgement from people just block them out of your life you really don't need to hear them rant, it's definitely worth pushing everyone out of your life, it better to be just you, your GF/BF and your baby a lot less drama. Just keep your head up and em-braise what's coming <3

  • Teen Pregnancy is a Good thing.

    Most teen mothers will see this as growing up, and will fight more for what is right for her baby. Just like ANY other mother. Teen moms have more to deal with school, parents, drama, boyfriends, and their baby. Just because they are young doesn't meant they don't know what to do. If you trust a teen babysitting your child, i think you can trust her with her own. Teen mothers should not be bashed on from society.

  • Teen Pregnancy is Terrible

    I've seen mothers saying how this makes them stronger. What about the baby? The baby may go through difficult times. It's a shame to see that some people support this and say yes. It's absolutely disgusting. The mother can barely support the baby most of the time. The fathers usually take off. I hope people come to their senses and vote no.

  • Children Should NOT Be Having Children!

    I honestly think that having a baby while still a teenager is wrong, why have a baby why you're still in school, be a teenager, have fun instead of having a baby. We don't need more babies in this world. All of our taxes go to these irresponsible teenager moms who made a bad decision! Wear protection, get on birth control or don't have sex. Be more responsible of yourselves. Think about all of that stress as a kid with school and future and adding a kid into that problem. Finish school, go to college, have a successful job and either adopt or then get pregnant. Don't do it now. I'm against teen pregnancy, I think it's filthy and irresponsible. Have safe sex and figure out your future first.

  • A child is not a toy for a teenager to play with!

    As a teenage girl, I find teenage pregnancy to be incredibly irresponsible. If you were raped, I understand, but teens wanting to have a baby? I don't care if motherhood isn't costly. I don't care if it's somehow helping the economy- you can do that when you're older! A baby isn't like a new dog or cat- that is a person you are responsible for shaping, for building into something wonderful, and you think you can handle it with such little life experience? Face the music, ladies. Once you have a child, your life really isn't your own: it's your child's now. It's not about you anymore: it's about them. You had time to spend on yourself and you just went and blew it: that was your time to be selfish, to live, to laugh, to be, well, a teen!

  • Their kids too

    Teens haven't even started their lives and they are already having a child of their own. Their just kids that's why imma stay abstinence. My other always said to live my life , do what I want to do before I think about having or starting one of my own. Get an education and get a high paying job. Get a good husband, then start a family of your own.

  • No, teen pregnancy is a disaster.

    Every baby is a blessing. However, teen pregnancy is a not a good thing. Teens are not emotionally of financially ready to be parents. They need time to mature, and learn how to take care of themselves before they can properly take care of a newborn. Often that job falls to other family members, which is unfair to everyone.

  • No, teen pregnancy is harmful to many.

    Teen pregnancy not only negatively affects the young mother, but also the child. A young mother is less likely to take care of herself as she should during her pregnancy. This leads to more issues once the baby is born. The child is more likely to grow up in a low-income family. Without a college education, the person will be stuck in a lower-income bracket. It is also way more likely the child will become a teen parent as well.

  • No, teen pregnancy is not good.

    Few teens can financially support a child after its birth. It is important to stay in school and not get pregnant so the person can gain educational and job skills. It is important that a person be somewhat mature before becoming pregnant. This can prevent a lot of problems that could be experienced in the future.

  • Learn from what you see

    My half brother who lives two hours away got his young girlfriend preggers . My step dad was not happy about it , they are arguing a lot about this .Too much for him , he is depressed about the situation he moves in with his gf and proposes to her... This is what condoms and pills are used for these days .I do not want to copy the same thing.

  • Once you do it there is no turning back

    A child's brain is not ready for pregnancy and it can hurt them. Also, the baby could get in the way of life as a kid. Just wait until your and adult, don't take the risk of possibly getting hurt. It's not worth it. People question this because its BAD for children.

  • Life will be a daily struggle.

    They already have to equilibrate studies, health and fun, so I doubt that adding "child" to the balance will be a good thing. Couldn't they close their legs? I think s*x shouldn't be made until 18, so if the baby is born, the mother is 19 and I maybe guess a 19 year old is more mature than a 17 year old, I, in reality, don't think so. They CAN'T control their kids at all. They will regret. If they are mature enough to have s*x, be pregnant, and make that kid born, and raise the baby, THEY CAN STOP THEIR KID FROM RUNNING IN A RESTAURANT!!!

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