• It is bad

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  • Any smoking is bad.

    The issue isn't whether it's bad or not, We know that it's bad for you. The issue comes in trying to stop minors from acquiring tobacco products. If you're reading this and trying to quit smoking, Vaping has been proven to be at LEAST 95% safer than smoking. At least it's better than smoking in some way shape or form.

  • It is bad

    Honestly, I haven't researched it and I don't know exactly what health issues it causes, But it is definitely bad. We all know it is bad. Even the people who smoke know it's killing them. What we really need to focus on is a good solution. Some people can't quit without help and we need to help them.

  • I'm not allowed bc i'm too young but. . .

    I get its bad and stuff but it's hardly worse than alcohol, And I know lots of people who drink at my age but when I say I want to smoke they're all like woah u can't do that. It's dumb that I'm the weirdo that's killing myself if i want to try smoking, But they're fine of they drink two cans of beer nightly

  • It looks cool

    I don't smoke and i never will but it loooks so cool
    i don't care what they say its bad for you they probably don't even know anything but its fine and it looks really really AWESOME
    i can't buy smoking though and it mak, Es me so sad but its fine because its illegal

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