• I think its fine

    I think it’s ok as long as there’s no pressure and no consequences. I think saying that sex is a bad thing later on that person might be scared of it . Saying no to sex won’t change numbers of assaults, rapes and other bad stuff . Love is not bad.

  • Yes, it depends

    I think sex is okay, is an everyday thing people needed. As a teenage grow up to be an adult, they will have the urge to release their needs. It's okay for teenage to have sex, it's very normal but as long they are clean/disease free and they use protection, it's okay for them to be involve in a sexuality activities.

  • Depends.....Could go either way

    I think sex can be okay and not okay not based on whether the participants are teenagers or not but rather on whether it is consensual and safe. I do not think it should be encouraged but not forbidden either. If 2 consenting individuals want to safely engage in that sort of thing well good luck to them in my opinion.

  • It's personal choice

    To all those pro-abstinence groups out there, I say screw you! It's really none of your business to impose on someone whether they should have sex or not, and that includes teens. As long as you take the appropriate precautions (condoms, STD screening, etc.), sex is perfectly safe. This is the 21st century. People have the right to have consensual, protected, non-incestuous sex.

  • I believe so

    If two teenagers mutually agree to have sex and are aware of the pros and cons, I think it is a bad idea to prevent them from doing so. The desire to be sexually active increases greatly when people become teenagers, and forcing them to suppress their urges might bring more harm than good.

  • Sex is for marriage!

    Sex is a good and wonderful gift from God, showing the love between a married couple, a husband and a wife. Save sex for marriage, studies even show you will enjoy it more! To obey God alone, sex should be saved for marriage. However, if you do not believe in God, save it for marriage, and the joys of sex will be more joyous.

  • It should be discourage

    My nephew is 13 years old girl,and i have advice or educate her not to have sex with anyone at any age,until she is 16 or 18.Children brain aren't fully develop so they can get manipulated easily from their peer such as peer pressure or sexual abuse.Teen should be patient.

  • It's very bad

    Have you look on the news,that a 16 years old boy sexual assaulted a 12 years old girl?According to the FBI data statistic proven that one third(35.6%) are juvenile child molesters.Also teen often get affected by STD infection and teen prengancy.These are major issue that has brought to our society.

  • No,it's not okay

    Having sex is for someone who is mature enough like adults,or older adolescence.That's why we have age of consent all over the state in US,usually range from 16-18.Teen should not have sex because it there are high risk of STD infection and teen pregnancy.Look up on the statistic or news.

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