• Its a huge problem

    Teen suicide is a huge issue. Some people like to say that its the kids fault that they didn't have to do it, they're just selfish. We underestimate the power of our minds and our mind can convince us to do anything, I've seen it all first hand and have stopped many suicides, most of them being my close friends. Its not the kids fault, the depression didn't come from out of nowhere, its society and other peoples fault for putting the thought of "I'm not good enough" inside their head. Maybe we should teach our society and teens the most that it doesn't make them a better person to hurt other people mentally or physically down to the point where the victim believes that the only way to end the pain is to end a life. "Suicide doesn't end the pain, it ends the chances of things getting better"

  • As a 39 time survivor (which sucks still here darn it)

    I think i can speak for my group when i say there's no other way to escape the torment and torture. It never ends it only gets harder from here on out. Allot of my friends have either survived or are going through this and its painful to watch. Suicide is a way to leave this corrupt world behind. I didn't chose to live here why should i have to stay?

  • Survivor Of Teen Suicide

    Teen suicide is a big problem. I am a survivor to this. It's not good at all, I could do nothing about it. It felt like something took over me and made me do bad things to myself. I don't want other young kids (ages 10 through 25 have a high chance) getting into this. It is contagious, which is the scary part. If someone doesn't seem right, ask them if their okay, they might say "I'm fine" but usually their not. Just let the teen know that their are many people that love them. Make them realize that if they take their life, it will affect many other people.

  • Open your eyes dammit!!!

    It's not stupid, it is a serious problem. The sad thing is you won't see, what else understand that until it's too late. When you see someone with a scar on their body, DON'T brush it aside. Next time you actually care to see it will be pointless. Depression comes because one feels like nobody cares and you are proving them right if you don't do anything about it. And it isn't like you have to give them a supernova to help, just talk to them and show that you care. That is it. No science there, but it can make a huge difference.

    Depression is the first step, but it doesn't come on its own. Nightmares, fears, insults, bullies, society, and unfortunately most often family can be and are the cause. Here you can do something about it, if it reaches the second step, self harm, it is most likely the end. So simple, but can become such a difficult problem to solve if it reaches too far.


  • But it is still a problem

    There's always been people committing suicide.

    We need to teach our kids to put their own life first! People who put their own lives first will never commit suicide. Teach kids it doesn't matter if other people love you, LIVE. It doesn't matter if you are a good person, LIVE. First things first and that's staying alive.

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