• Tv creates delusional and false concepts regarding real-world objects and situations.

    Tv is poison for children's brains. 50 years of the CRT irradiated millions of people with beta radiation, something kept secret and covered up by corporate controlled governments. Now with safer LED and LCD tvs the real danger of perceptual poisoning is still turning generations of children into mentally handicapped adults.

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  • Too much reality TV.

    72% of television today is made up of reality TV shows such as "Jersey Shore" and "The Kardashians". These types of shows are a bad influence on kids. I admit, there are still educational shows on TV but there is more "bad stuff" than "good stuff". Also, parents are usually too busy to monitor what their kids watch on TV allowing the kids to surf channels freely.

  • Exactly we cannot say

    I could not exactly say yes as children also learns alot from television ... But oftenly they waste time seeing movies serials ... Also they can be inspiring ones!! But rather than looking positive impacts we children often look negative impacts and try to make them realistic in our own world at here there is huge negative imapact of televisions!!!!!

  • Of course it is.

    It is up to the parents to decide what thier children watch on T.V. However, when sexual and violent overtones made thier way into children's shows (cartoons), I realized how damaging television can be. Look at the show Adventure Time. Not enough? How about the multitudes of sexual subliminal messages throughout Disney movies?

  • No, bad parenting is responsible for bad influences on kids.

    Monitor what your kids are watching on tv and online. Its easy to blame it on tv, video games, or violence. No one seems to want to blame the parents who allow their kids to watch whatever they want. There are good and bad tv programming that can influence kids. It's the parents job to monitor what their kids are watching. Of course everyone who says TV is bad, has a TV in their house.

  • I think it's a no because some shows can be educational for your child/children

    But I also think a yes because they watch over 2 hours of television everyday. The average should be 2 hours of screen time, 60 minutes of activity and they should also eat healthy, nutritious food and 0% of sweet foods and junk. They should stay healthy and active and have a better life.

  • I strongly believe that television is not a horrible influence on children.

    It is not child's fault for watching bad shows, because if they are then that is the parents fault for not being responsible enough for letting they're kid watch bad things instead of the good. Plus there are kid friendly show like sesame street, Disney channel, Nickelodeon, PBS kids and etc.

  • Televison is part of growing up

    Murder and violence is part of growing up.Theres alot of violence going on and televison will help them understand whats going on.And I'm not saying they should watch the news.I'm saying they should watch like jurrasic park or world.And adventure time is not geared sex and violence,well a little bit of violence but no sex.

  • It All Depends On What They Watch

    "Is television a bad influence on kids" is a rather general question. With the rise of television, many shows have surfaced, which lays a responsibility on the parent's shoulders. Parents should be screening what their kids watch. There's a rather big difference between shows like "Blue's Clues" and shows like "South Park". To answer the question: No, I don't believe television in general is a bad influence on kids.

  • Bad parenting is responsible for the bad influences

    Television has been around for many years. I have watched many shows and movies; am I a bad person and made terrible decisions? No, I plan on going to college for criminal justice. I had amazing parenting and that's the main reason why I have made good choices. If your kid watches, lets say, Criminal Minds and becomes a murderer- that is not the TV's fault. It's your responsibility as a parent to make sure your child is making the best decisions. Don't blame what you screwed up on entertainment.

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