• Of course it is.

    It's clearly used to influence people's behaviour. It's content is determined by the highest bidder. It's the primary vehicle for government propaganda in western society. The masses let it do their thinking for them and unscrupulous people with hidden agendas take full advantage of that.

    Numerous studies have shown that watching television puts the observer in a highly suggestible state. If you think the content is benevolently allowing you to make informed choices about what you buy and what you believe, Then you should probably turn it off.

  • Tv is a form of mind control

    The reason I know this is the case is simply because I can see evidence of peoples behavior adapting to fit in with what they see and hear on TV. When the matrix came out there was gun violence fueled by the film which I believe many people are aware of. Also people seem to mock each other the same way they see on sitcoms and bond with people who have similar interests as they see on TV. TV does control to what level is the level you watch.

  • If You're Susceptible

    I believe television can be a form of mind control, if you have a weak mind. If you can be easily swayed by advertising and take everything you see on TV for what it is, then I think it can mold and shape your ideas that would very much mimic mind control. I think that's why people continue to shop at places like Wal-Mart even though they are keenly aware of the problems the corporation causes in America.

  • No more than other forms of pop culture.

    As with any other form of pop culture, including the internet and various celebrities and printed media reports, the television is only as much a form of mind control as we let it be. We need to be vigilant to make sure our own awareness stays clear and does not get too influenced by such things.

  • Television is not a form of mind control.

    Television is not a form of mind control. Television is merely a medium to transmit sound and pictures. There is no evidence that television per se can control minds. Although the messages displayed on television might be persuasive and convincing, this is true of any medium. Television is not in and of itself dangerous.

  • No, it is entertainment.

    No, television is not a form of mind control, because it is something that people watch just to be entertained. Watching television, you will see ads that suggest things you should buy. But watching an ad is not mind control. Rather it is asking someone to buy something. That is only called marketing. It is not mind control.

  • Television is not a form of mind control.

    Television is not a form of mind control. Television is merely a medium of communication, and it cannot inherently control the minds of its viewers. Although some programs may contain propaganda or subversive content, this is not peculiar specifically to television. Any media, such as newspapers or radio, can be equally controlling of the mind.

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