Is television a negative (yes) or positive (no) influence on children?

  • I think so because

    With all these new stupid kid shows coming out on Nick, cartoon network,Disney, etc. it's teaching kid to be just as stupid as the characters. Back in the day it was OK because people thought less of fart jokes and making fun of people as "funny", and more on show development.

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  • Not that good

    I think that there is not a lot of good that comes from the tv channels in this country today. I think that it is having a bad impact on kids, and that we need to do more to make sure that they are not shown a lot of bad things.

  • Television is a negative influence on children

    Television is a negative influence on children, and couldn't have been any more over the past 20 years. Since the early 1990's, television shows, movies, and reality shows have gone from bad to worse. They are showing more drugs, violence, sex, language and more bad influence that our children don't need to see. What our children need to see is honest people doing good things in the world, not fake celebrities and horrible movie stars.

  • It is not positive *or* negative, It's a mix of both

    TV is a medium, Not a monolith.

    The research shows a complex mix of positives and negatives, Depending on the age of the child, The content of the TV show, And the context and amount that they watch.

    For kids under 3, TV is mostly negative. They don't seem capable of learning from TV, And have not been shown to apply lessons from TV to real life. Many kids in this age range find TV overstimulating, And at best it's a pointless activity that can distract from more productive things like playing with toys, Exploring their environment or socializing with other people. They need interactivity to learn - a passive medium like TV is ineffective.

    However, TV used sparingly in situations where the child would otherwise be bored and tantrumming isn't going to cause serious harm, Especially if parents watch it with them and interact with them.

    For kids aged 3-5, Meanwhile, TV can have strong positive or negative effects, Depending on which shows they're watching. Kids who regularly watch Sesame Street or similar content will actively learn new skills from TV, And apply those skills in real-life contexts. Regular viewers of Sesame Street are more likely to know how to count and recite the alphabet when they enter Kindergarten, Giving them a head start academically. And kids can also learn social skills from TV at this age, Too, Such as taking three deep breaths to calm down when they're mad at someone.

    However, 3-5 year olds who regularly watch TV meant for adults have been shown to experience negative effects, Such as poorer concentration, Anxiety, And sometimes aggressive behavior. Advertisements, Too, Can have a bad effect, Because they encourage kids to crave things they don't need and to bug their parents and get into conflict over those things.

    Older kids are less impressionable than 3-5 year olds, Meanwhile, And as such are more able to pick and choose how their TV viewing habits affect them, Especially if an adult watches things with them and encourages them to examine what they see. ("Do you think that was a good or bad thing, What X did? " "Do you think that would work in real life, Or is that just fantasy? ") Even so, Adults sometimes make mistakes because they assume fiction accurately reflects reality - I knew someone who kicked a glass door and got hurt because he didn't realize that TV shows use solidified sugar instead of real glass for stunt work.

    TV is also a sedentary activity, Usually. I don't like a lot of how people talk about the 'obesity epidemic', But there are negative health effects to spending too much time in sedentary activities. However, I think that issue is better addressed by positive measures like setting up opportunities for kids to do fun, Physically active things, Rather than negative measures like trying to limit how much opportunity they have for sedentary activities.

  • Doesn't Have To Be Bad

    I do not believe television is either inherently negative or inherently positive as an influence on children. I believe television is what you make it. There are programs for all age groups and there are a variety of education programs as well. If you make the right selections it can be positive, if you make the wrong selections it can be negative.

  • I think it is negative.

    The world has become a safer place and all of that, but I think during the developmental years of a child's life, television is a detriment. They have to be out and doing things, making those connections in the brain. Building an athletic base. You know, they have to go out and be humans.

  • Yes, television is a negative influence on children.

    I think that there is more for a child to gain and learn from not watching television. But that doesn't mean that any negative effects a child may get from watching tv cannot be counteracted by good parenting. A child should learn about the world from school and his or her parents.

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