• Yes, television is acceptable for children.

    There is nothing wrong with allowing children to watch a limited amount of television. First, it introduces them to cultures and societies, different from their own, through age appropriate documentaries. Next, certain programs serve to educate children, helping them learn the alphabet, numbers, colors and basic words. Third, parents are able to use television as teaching resource for moral values. They may watch certain programs with their children and then discuss why certain actions were proper or improper and helpful or hurtful.

  • Yes, children can learn a lot from television.

    Some television programs are completely acceptable for children, such as public broadcasting program, science shows and other educational programming. Some television, on the other hand, is completely inappropriate for children, especially if they are very young. Like any media, television in moderation can be beneficial to anyone's life unless it becomes an obsession.

  • Television in moderation is acceptable for children.

    Television can be a good way for children to unwind. It is important, however, for parents to monitor the amount of time children spend watching television as well as the programs they watch. Too much television, particularly when the programming is age inappropriate, can lead to the lethargy and the adoption of poor habits or ideas observed on television.

  • Some television shows are appropriate for children.

    While much entertainment on television is inappropriate for children, some shows like those on the Disney channel provide wholesome entertainment that relate to a child's mind. They help a child learn what it means to grow up and be responsible. In addition, the news can be appropriate for children because it helps them to understand what is going on in the world.

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