• Yes, it is bad.

    I think that television is bad for kids to watch to a certain extent. If your kid can't go a day without watching television, then something's wrong. If all your kid does is sit on the couch and watch TV all day, then something's wrong. Watching TV makes kids lazy and can even partake in your kid gaining weight. It also gives kids false ideas about what the world is like, if they watch reality TV shows. Or your kid may randomly stumble upon a show that's not for their age without you knowing. Bad shows for kids are E!, MTV, VH1, etc. TV exposes your kid(s) to loads of things you might not want them to watch or they might not be ready for. Not only that but TV stops kids from going outside and playing basketball or riding their bikes. It stops them from wanting to go outside and enjoy some fresh air and sunlight. Just go on tumblr and Twitter and you'll see how most kids joke about the outdoors. A lot of kids are perfectly fine saying that the internet is their life and that TV is their life. TV and internet shouldn't consume anyone's life.

  • Moderation in Everything

    Sure television is bad if you watch it for four hours a day... But how about for half an hour? Television is bad if you watch it in large chunks but anything is good in moderation. Think about it everything is bad if you use or do too much. Even water can kill you if you drink to much. Anything from fruit to water is bad if you use to much.

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