• Television is a bad habit

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  • Television is bad

    The the rays coming from the television is harm our eyes it also stops our imagination when we read books our in our imagination gets more and more when he watch television we don't have any time to study by the use of television children don't want to study they have a keen interest in television only not in studies I know watching television give some more information but all children want to see only cartoons not Discovery channel

  • The Science Checks Out

    I've searched the web and found that watching television will make you inactive and decrease our sense of self-efficiency. TV can cause insomnia from bad sleeping habits (most likely from TV), depression from sad movies, and more. It can also cause a decrease in our metabolism which is very important.

  • Television is harmful

    Television is harmful because it’s just as bad as smoking. You could get headaches from all the movement and could be blocked out from society just from watching your favorite Tv shows. It also could strain your eyes and some commercials are not appropriate for some ages. There should be a limited amount when watching Tv.

  • Yes, television is bad for us.

    Overall, television is definitely bad for us, because it decreases our reliance on the imagination. When people read books, they have to picture the action in their heads, the appearances of characters, etc. This engages more of the brain. Similarly, back when people listened to radio programming (like sitcoms, westerns, etc.), they had to be more active participants in the entertainment. We could also argue that it has desensitized us to various things, like violence and foul language. But, at the very least, it has definitely caused us to be more passively involved in our entertainment.

  • No it's not harmful until we cross our limits

    It is one of the most fabulous invention of science which entertains and helps us. . We are able to listen to news and keep up with the present facts. It even entertains us as we can see films, Sports, Matches etc. . . . . . . . .
    In my opinion it is not bad to society until and unless we are headed in right direction. . . . It is good when we don't spend hours in front of TV

  • It can be educational

    If you make sure your kids aren't watching tellatubies or teenagers being brats, your good. I am a kid saying this! My mom limits our TV time. She lets us watch because we are outside most of the time. She also limits our treats but we can have some once in a while. Just watch what we are watching.
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  • Television is only bad for us when we watch too much.

    First, kids can get ideas from TV shows. They also just need something to entertain them when their parents are too busy to play or help them with something. There are also certain TV shows that teach how to speak different languages and workouts. As long as you don't watch too much TV, I wouldn't consider TV bad for us. Maybe just watch an episode or 2.

  • It can be edgucational

    If you make sure your kids aren't watching sponge bob or teenagers being brats, your good. I am a kid saying this! My mom limits our TV time. She lets us watch because we are outside most of the time. She also limits our treats but we can have some once in a while. Just watch what we are watching.

  • TV is not bad for us.

    TV is definitely not bad for us. It could be bad subject to certain conditions. I believe it could be harmful for young children that are simply suggestible. But overall, TV is very efficient appliance which provides many information and entertainment. We just neet to know how to use TV correctly.

  • Television, in moderation, is not bad for us.

    There is some evidence to suggest that watching a moderate amount of television helps people relax. It also stimulates creativity. So, in healthy doses, television can actually have a positive impact on us. It is only when we spend too much time watching television that it becomes something that it turns into a bad habit.

  • No not really.

    Television only becomes an issue when we watch it too much and do not maintain our health and exercise. The key is to watch it but not become absorbed in it, get up and go outside, or enjoy a new hobby. It is okay to watch some, but that does not make it bad.

  • No, it helps us communicate.

    No, television is not bad for us, because it has opened up the world to us. Television has allowed us to witness some of the most amazing events in history, for example landing on the moon. Television has allowed us to grieve together as a nation, as we did after September 11 and as we did after JFK's assassination. It has brought us closer together as a people.

  • Television Is What You Make It

    I do not believe television is inherently bad for us. I believe there are a plethora of options for television viewing, from great films to documentaries, and more. I believe a person can get a lot of information from programming, but can also spend time watching shows for pure entertainment. Either way, I do not believe it to inherently bad.

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