• Yes, Television is more significant than a computer.

    I support this side more as TV is used for watching files on a larger high-definition screen. TV is a more preferred technology than computer as it is compact, Simple and a user friendly box. TV networks have been given shows for free for half a century. For people of old age it is easy for them to operate TV with just a remote. TV is inexpensive, Whereas if using computer we need to pay for the internet and the website on which we are watching our TV shows (e. G. Netflix, Hulu etc)

  • Computer's hold far more potential

    The television was to the 20th century what the computer is to the 21st century. So much of the world is being shifted into technological platforms, and even TV itself has begun to merge into computer platforms. We are seeing the reach of computers grow more and more, while television innovation has mostly stifled aside from improving picture quality.

  • No, television is not more important than the computer.

    I think it's becoming clearer and clearer that the computer has been slowly replacing the television set as the ultimate entertainment medium. More and more people use their computers to get their information, whether it's the news or data. People even use their computers to watch shows on tv via streaming.

  • TV is Second Rate

    Television is starting to become second rate to the computer. Television was once revered and the best thing since slice bread, but the computer has overtaking it. The reason being is you can get virtually anything on a computer. The Internet is the greatest thing and the computer gives you that option to watch, play, and do anything you feel like instantly.

  • No, I don't think the television is more important then the computer.

    I believe a computer with Internet access is more important then a television, when you have access to the Internet on a computer you can virtually look up anything in the world instantly, on the television you have a set number of channels and a set amount of information and entertainment you can view at any one time. So I believe the computer is more important then television.

  • Not at all

    No, I think that the web has proven to be a whole lot more important than the tv has. I think that now the web has boomed to be the biggest and most used thing in history, and I think that there are over a half of a billion websites.

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