Is television the leading cause of violence in today's society?

  • Of course Tv causes this!

    People obviously get violence from TV. When I was little society was simpler, but now my little brother is hitting and cursing at the age of six. This doesn't happen in my house, but everyone knows where he gets it from. The TV! More murders are happening because of the ideas they see on TV. For example, the new show Motive Shows how and why people kill others. They all have mistakes, but if a person can correct the mistakes they can easily get away with murder. People in this age just have no self control. Bottom line is that people watch too much TV and I believe that is is the leading cause in violence.

  • Yesssss of course!

    By watching Television children get violent ideas from there. If a parent does not bother about their child much then they can watch whatever they want to. They see inappropriate thing and also violence so they feel an urge to copy these actions. Children would not always know what is right and what is wrong

  • Tv bring violence

    Because children nowadays always follow what they had learn and watch. When they saw violence on tv, they will have an intention to try the same things of what they had saw. It also include all of the sex scene. When someone are kissing, they also want to have it.. They have an excitement to try doing it with someone.. Sometime, in school. They will also teach other student how to do sex or which tv show that they must watch.. ['',]

  • Yes because of TV

    Yes, I do see some violence in TV and in movies. I know that some times others see this and think its right because its in a movie. I see in other people more violence then i do in other people. This will be read and seen for a debate.

  • People are influenced

    While watching some tv, I noticed that most of the adds are about violent video games. While there's age limits on these games, parents are inclined to buy these games for their children thinking: it's not real it's only pretend etc. Children will play the game and witness all of the gruesome and violent things in this particular game. These violent games have a bad influence on children. Parents should wise up to the fact that even though games may not be real, the still have a TERRIBLE influence on children

  • This is violence

    Seeing is believing ..... So in today's generation children are glued to the T.V in spite of studying and playing they are busy seeing television this can cause a deep impact on the children mind and can leave permanent impact and then the child can be mentally distracted and affected through out their life....

  • With The New Generation

    Television arouses violence. When the television shows were more educational, there were hardly any aggressiveness in children. Now, violence is everywhere in the media. Children's shows are more gruesome and they have no choice but to become immune to what they watch. If television series were less violent, children would grow up to be less aggressive.

  • Tv arouses voilence

    It is often seen these days children immitating stunts, actions shown in TV screens. Although we see tv as a means of mass communication it sometimes culminates a sense of voilence in the younger minds who are unable to distinguish what is for them & what is bad. Besides in order to make the programme a total success the organisers has to both explore the positive & negetive sides of the subject, which may not be meant for young minds.

  • Yes tv causes violence

    There has been overwhelming evidence that suggest viewing violent and aggressive behavior on television, does indeed directly affect children. Children are great imitators. Imaginary play and modeling their favorite characters are commonplace among the young. Children can and readily do imitate what they see. Just ask any parent whose child has learned their ABC's by watching Sesame Street. They will all tell you that their child watched Big Bird, Ernie and the other characters reciting the alphabet over and over. After repeated viewing their child began reciting their ABC's from memory. This act alone reinforces the idea, that through imitation and repeated exposure children can learn. Learning violence is no exception. It can be imitated and learned in the same manner as how the alphabet was committed to memory. The only difference is when children watch negative behavior, it is that negativity that they learn and mimic. It is not something as harmless as the ABC's. Authorities on child behavior agree that what a child watches does indeed affect their behavior. According to The American Academy of Child and Adolescence Psychiatry, "Extensive viewing of television violence by children causes greater aggressiveness.

  • Yes it is the leading cause of violence! I believe strongly

    As all of we know that human mind have capacity to create more the 60thought in 60 sec. So we can say that after leaving TV after 3 to 4 hours how much thought pattern pearson will have.

    Now a day people do not have awareness about thought pattern he is working and acting. And belive me most of people haveing problem to accept such problem they are facing.

  • Bad parenting is

    There is no distinction between right and wrong anymore. I see kids crying in the grocery store all the time, and their parents give them candy. For crying! They associate bad behavior with getting what they want. People who are used to getting what they want will become more aggressive. Teaching right from wrong early on will help with the situation, but it first lies with the parenting. After that, the school system needs to pick up on it.

  • Today's society isn't as violent as it was hundreds of years ago.

    Most children learn that while watching violent scenes on TV, they aren't actually real. Considering that years ago watching people being executed was a form of entertainment at the time, TV seems like a small problem in comparison. I'd say violence is more on how people are brought up, their economic stance and things that have happened in their lives. Some people grow up to be violent and others don't, even as they watch the same things on TV.

  • Of course not.

    Virtually everyone in our society watches television, yet we don't have rampant violent crime rates. Violence existed long before the television and violent crime rates have actually dropped over time. That alone should invalidate any claim of a direct causal relationship. Unless you want to suggest that violence would be virtually non-existent if we had no entertainment, in which case you're being intentionally obtuse.

    Posted by: Quan
  • Please tell me

    What television show people have been watching for the last thousands of years? People have been killing people and committing crimes since the beginning of time. I ask an opponent to find one source linking TV to violence directly. Societies with TY's and societies without TV's have crime. Television was the scapegoat formed by the old thesis before the antithesis could roll it over.

  • Television is the Scapegoat

    People don't like to look to themselves when we think about our faults so we turn to a inanimate Scapegoat. While Television has violent programs, it is our decision whether or not to act on what we see or what we allow our children to watch. To blame tv is irresponsible, not taking responsibility to yourself.

  • Let us look within before playing the blame-game!

    All of us seem to forget that it is the society that is reflected on television NOT vice-versa. It is real life that inspires reel life. What we see on the television is but an image of what is happening in our own society, at times exaggerated. It is easier to look for faults outside, but do we ever try to look for them within ourselves. Let us ask our conscience. Let us demarcate between the right and the wrong and be dependent on the television or the media to do that. Also, in any television show is violence shown to be something good? Are 'criminals' shown to be role models? Let us ask ourselves these questions..

  • No, not at all.

    Television cannot cause any actions. Yes, we are influenced by our media. But I've watched plenty of action-packed gory movies about fights and violence and never had the urge. Part of it is parents, part of it is schooling and local environment. Violence has existed long before the media and although the scope of it has changed, the causes could never be attributed to media.

  • Influences The Viewers

    It is the things the people watch on television that influences them. If they watch an action movie and it doesnt have much friction (the bad guy being caught) the viewers might think "I could do this!" and get an idea of violent actions. In conclusion,it all depends on the show or movie somebody watches and that type of person.

  • No at all.

    Television is entertainment. And it's not the same with video games where people can argue that video games might make dumb kids think it's ok to kill people. Most TV shows that have violence show what a bad thing it is, like the guilt and pain that can come from crime. Television has less connection to violence than paintball does to writer's block.

  • Media is not the cause of violence in today's society.

    It is human nature which has cause destruction in the world not any type of media whether it is TV or any type of games that kids play. It depends upon the person's mentality. All type of TV shows, Games, Programs or online video are avalible in media for all type of persons. For example, If a person is depress or, Sick and rape someone it is not the media's fault!

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