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  • No,television is definitely not the most important invention

    Television is not the most invention.Even though television has opened up a lot of different avenues for a lot of different people it is definitely not the most important invention.Most of the functions of a modern day television would not be possible without a computer which acts like a type of brain for other inventions.

  • Television was an Important Stepping Stone, but the Internet is More Important

    As an invention, television allowed for improved dissemination of information by allowing for broadcast from a central location directly to individual homes, but it has its limitations. It is a one way method of communication and not everyone can send messages via television. The internet, which allows for information broadcast, communication, file transfer and more is far more vital to society and really built upon and incorporated the communication devices of the past like television and telephone and allowed for many improvements. The internet has become the backbone of global communication, and therefore is much more important an invention than television.

  • There is many more invention important than the tv

    Like the phone, Internet, Hand watch, And printer, Nowadays we can't live without them, In my opinion, I think the most important invention is the internet because it makes our life easier, For example, If there is no internet I will not find this website, Ok some of you will say if there is no computer or phone there will be no internet, Yes you are right, But if you look back you will find that there, There will be No benefit in computer and phone without internet.

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Nope i like wheels