• Yes, Tennessee is still top notch in college football

    Tennessee football program is still top notch. The Vols have been rated to be among the top 10 in college football history. Currently, they are at number nine on the NCAA all-time ranking with 1021 points, out of 25.

    Their last seasons were a success, their last match against the Mountaineers was a win. They always seem motivated, and with Buck Jones at the helm, a coach with a high reputation, the team is definitely a force to reckon with in college football.

  • Yes, Tennessee is still a top notch football program.

    Yes, I believe that the University of Tennessee is still a top notch football program in college football. The Volunteers traditionally boast excellent coaching teams and, of course, a wide range of incredible athletes. Despite any changes year to year based on players or coaching staff, the legacy of University of Tennessee's Volunteers is remarkable.

  • Yes, it is.

    Quentin Dormady, Sheriron Jones and incoming freshman Jarrett Guarantano will be competing for not only the No. 2 spot on the depth chart in 2016, but also for the first crack at being the team’s starter in 2017. With the right coach, skies the limit with Dobbs I believe. You can only blame a player so much. Coaches must put these players in place to win.

  • No, they are not.

    Tenesse has lost some of thier best players and the younger players are not Athenians level because they have lost some of thier recruiting power. Additionally the new coach is not as good as the old coach. These factors have all combined to make Tennessee a less powerful football team.

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