• The sport involving the entire body and requires lots of mental work

    Tennis is a sport that needs both high physical and mental stability. It's one of those sports that you can't just pick up and play like basketball or rugby (i know they need training but you can literally get a basketball and start playing). Tennis takes years of constant training until you can actually hit all balls and keep a rally. Great to play and watch. Fantastic sport

  • Yes it it the best sport in the world.

    Tennis has the most variety of all sports. You need speed, strength, agility, touch, tactics, a strong mental game, fast reaction, patience, power, and much more. Also it involves your upper and lower body heavily.(other than e.G. Soccer)
    It is probably the hardest sport to be No.1 in the world in. Playing hundreds of different players with different tactics. Playing on 3 different surfaces(!) under different weather conditions. Playing nearly 100 matches a year. ...

  • Tennis is amazing

    You can play at any age, you need physical skill, intelligence and mental toughness. It's easy to get a game going and its not expensive. When you get over 30, what other sports are you playing. Slow pitch softball? Learn how to play tennis, it will be the best thing you ever did

  • Best sport ever played

    I often hear people tell me that tennis is not only the most boring sport ever played but some claim it's not even a sport. I find many of these people play football or basketball, they claim that it is so boring just tapping a ball over the net until someone hits it out. These people most likely have not not seen a competitive match of tennis before. If I look at a football game with a bunch of beginners it will appear to be a game of tag with a ball, however it's not and we see this as this beginner becomes better in the sport. This applies to almost any game played. The reason tennis is claimed to be left out in the category of manliness and toughness is simply because almost everyone has seen an nfl game of football where we clearly see that beginner now an expert. People assume that because someone will walk off the nfl field with A concussion or broken bone then obviously it's a more manly game. This however is not the case! The average tennis player on your runs 2 miles in a match, let's not forget the smothering heat they play in. Tennis requires physical endurance, strength, and more importantly mental strength. Ina football game if you screw up you have a another player to save you or tell you it's ok, but in tennis you have yourself and I think being able to overcome the pressure and stress of a long match is much more spectacular and worthy of applause than some 300 lb man tackling someone , now I'm not saying other sports are not great and very difficult to succeed in but I simply state that tennis is a superior as it takes physical talent and mental talent

  • Entertainment, Talent and Emotion are far beyond other sports at such a regularity

    All sports have their merits, and their negatives. Tennis has more merits than other sports, and far fewer negatives. Talent is not enough, it needs to be combined with mental strength, fitness, strength and passion in order for you to even have a chance of... Becoming one of the top 200 players. Take Dan Evans for example, a 23-year old Brit with a backhand as elegant as Wawrinka, who moves as well as Lleyton Hewitt who is ranked at around 250. Why? Because he doesn't work hard as others, and doesn't have the mental toughness. No sport can recreate the drama tennis can for the viewer sitting at home with a beer, not even if your country is in a World cup final, the display of grace, skill, strength, courage and stamina is evident in nearly every game, and always in every set, multiple times. Nothing sport or otherwise gives me the excitement of seeing Federer, Nadal, Murray, Djokovic, Del Potro, Ferrer, Tsonga or whoever else at the top display their talents in front of a partizan crowd. Incredible sport.

  • Boys and Girls: Play nice!

    No other top-tier sport has such an awesome mix of high-level male and female superstars. Tennis is the most International and gender mixed sport you can find out there. Not only individually, but also in mixed doubles. Tennis has the advantage of celebrating jocks (like Nadal and Roddick), the intellectual and feminine (Williams' sisters), superstars (Billie Jean, Chrissie, Martina, Venus, Monica) and don't forget the hearthrobs (Rafter, Fernando Verdasco, Kournikova and more recently Sharapova).

  • Tennis is mentally and physically challenging, but is still fun!

    The mental strength required to play tennis is incredible, and players engage in long, strenuous exchanges of power and speed. The technique is very difficult to master, and is based on a balance of speed, strength, agility, finesse, and smoothness. Also, a real best of 5 set match can take up to 3 hours, yet players are engaged, and remain yearning to set foot on the court again.

  • Yes, tennis is the best sport

    Yes, because you actually need talent to play. Unlike football were you can just be big and be the best. Tennis is all about skill. You cant just float by like baseball. Baseball you just stand around and wait for the ball to be hit near you. Tennis you have to move baseline to baseline returning the ball. It take intense endurance, strength, stamina, and mental toughness. Going to say it is a sport that is enjoying to watch, because there is non-stop action and skill being played.

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  • Yes! Tennis is a great workout and a great way to build friendships

    I have been playing tennis since I was eight years old and I haven’t regreted a day of it. Most of my close friends and I have grown through playing tennis together. Not only can you build long lasting friendships, Tennis is a great workout especially if you have the right coach. A coach who is pushing you to be your best and go beyond your limits. Not only do you exercise your body, but you excersice your brain as well. You learn strategies, keep track of points and add ins and outs, memorize the terms and lines, and even study professionals. You not only need to be athletic for tennis, but also have the brains too. All in all I believe tennis is the greatest sport. Let me tell you!!!!!! I have played soccer, swiming, ballet etc but tennis has never failed to give me best friends, or a difficult workout physically but mentally.

  • Tennis isn't a sport

    While many of you black skinned monkeys think that tennis is the best sport, I am here to prove that tennis is not a sport. There are many compelling arguments such as tennis doesn't require one to be physically active to succeed at the sport, take my mexican friend for example, he has noodle arms and looks like he has parkinson's disease but he apparently is "good" at the "sport". Another example from the Mexican is that he says people have forfeited against him, I have never heard of someone do this in any other real sport, but it is common in fake sports like this one. One more example would be that no one really watches tennis, if you think that tennis is a sport, then why doesn't anyone find it interesting? While the NFL, MLB and NBA rack in millions a year in revenue from the fans, tennis doesn't even have an official league. My last argument is that tennis can be played by some of the dumbest, like my Mexican friend and his steroid using white friend both play the game but are honestly some of the most brain dead people I have ever met. In conclusion, tennis is an "activity" that should only be played by the monkeys who have been relocated to Madagascar.

  • Tennis is for Rich Kids

    When was the last time you saw a couple kids playing a "pick-up" game of tennis. This simply can't happen due to the cost of equipment it takes to play the game. How is a sport supposed to be the best if you can only certain people playing it. There's no variety in tennis players. They're all kids who had personal trainers paid for buy their parents who we're at least above average with there salary.

  • Definitely not the best sport.

    Look at a picture of John McEnroe back when he was the champ. Dude looked like somebody who'd get stuffed in a locker and he was one of, if not the best player at his time. If that guy can reach the summit of your sport it's most definitely not the best display of athleticism.
    It's a sport for rich kids whose parents can afford a private coach. This argument is ridiculous.

  • No, I don't think tennis is the best sport.

    Definitely not the funnest sport to watch, especiay when it has games such as hockey and baseball to compete with. Nothing against tennis, it just isn't as exciting as the other sports. I can't play tennis, because when I hit the ball with the racket, it soars over the fence and hits a car and makes the alarm go off. :D

  • No, it's not.

    No, tennis is not the best sport. I think it would be hard to determine what the "best" sport is, because it is all a matter of opinion. For me, I really like baseball and would probably choose it as what I think is the best sport. Different people would have varying opinions on which is best.

  • No tennis is not the best sport

    No, I do not think that you could qualify tennis as the best sport. There are far better sports such as football and baseball of which have a larger fan base and are played much more often in schools and professionally. Tennis is a fun sport to play with some people, but not the best.

  • No, tennis is not the best sport.

    In reality, saying tennis is the best sport, is purely an opinion. Opinions cannot be factual and of course depend on who is forming the opinion. One could argue that basketball is the best sport, or football, or even ping pong. Each of these people would be giving their opinion, but none of them could be proved correct or even wrong. Truly, there is no best sport.

  • Tennis is not the best sport.

    Tennis is so boring. You hit a ball back and forth, over a net, and try and hit it back. I am sure there are a lot of people out there whom love the sport, but to me, the only more boring sport around is golf. I enjoy football because it is exciting! (and yes, I am a woman)

  • Tennis is dumb

    Fact: Anything that men can compete whilst doing in public with their shirts off is a sport. I say men because society has strange double standards, but so be it. Tennis is not the best sport because it is not a sport, just like gold, wind surfing, and grocery shopping.

  • Uhhh Best sports?

    There is no such things as a best sport. Different sports fit different people and often at different times. Young children might like soccer the best, while with their age progressing it changes to say tennis or racketball. Maybe when they're even older it'll be baseball. Get it right people, it's your favorite sport, not the best!

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