• Terraria is WAAAAAAY Better than MineCraft

    So what if MineCraft is 3d? I get that they wanted to give off the nostalgic feel with the block graphics but they just look horrendous. In Terraria, 505 bring back the wonderful 16 bit which still today looks like hd gaming. Graphics aside, Terraria is still better. While yes, the worlds are smaller and no, there isn't creative mode, but it doesn't NEED creative, getting building materials like wood and stone is so much easier than it is in MineCraft. Also, the game is called MineCraft so you would expect mining is a big part of it, but in Minecraft, everyone dreads mining. Nothing fun happens. No treasure, no dungeon masters, underground biomes, nothing. Mining in Terraria is really fun and exciting when you find treasures that can be used in crafting ridiculously fun tools and weapons. Such as web slings, poisonous throwing knives, grenades, war axes, tridents, flails, hell even guns! Tactiacal shotguns, minigun, rocket launchers, and exploited weapons like a SPACE DOLPHIN MACHINEGUN!! Last time I checked, MineCraft doesn't even have a mod for that. Speaking of mods, minecraft's only strong point is it's modding community, but that's not actually in the base game, and hard to install. Quite honestly, I don't really get why people always compare the two. MineCraft is mainly about building. Survival mode is really pointless and boring. Terraria is more about exploration and epic battles. I find it hilarious that Terraria is just as good at building. And whoever says Terraria is a MineCraft ripoff, check the release date dumbass!

  • Those are not arguments.

    I'm going to run down some arguments i see and disprove them.

    1. Mods. Mods are not arguments to say it is better. It counts as an argument against yourself if you use it as an argument. Mods cannot improve the quality of a game no matter how hard you try.

    2. Minecraft was officially released after terraria. Terraria is completely original. Minecraft copies infiniminer. Enough said.

    3. Its in 3d. You dont need to be smart to know that's stupid. Does that mean Sonic 06 is better than sonic 3 and knuckles. No!

    4. Its easy to hack. I'm sorry, did i miss it when more than thousands of people hacked terraria like they did minecraft?

    5. Theres no creative mode. In terraria, you most likely won't need creative mode to get certain things without skill

    6. Terraria takes up more space on the computer. Hahaha. That's interesting how backwards that statement really is.

    7. Minecrafts 2 bossescare better than Terraria's. The first boss is a dragon, which is the most cliche boss EVER seen. And the other boss is a 3 headed skeleton that can be defeated by just encasing it in blocks.

    8. The graphics are bad. Uh, what? Terraria has the same number of pixels per block. And 1 block in terraria is as big as a pixel in minecraft. And terraria still manages to run faster.

    9. Minecraft is infinte. So what? You'll almost certainly never explore Past 1000 blocks in Minecraft. And all those infinite particles really drop your frame rate like throwing a brick into a pool

    10. A regular mob on hard in mc is more difficult than a Terraria boss. Terraria bosses don't take knockback. Most bosses move through blocks. Most terraria bosses can't be beaten be jsut standing there and spamming left mouse.

    11. Potions are better in Mc. Simple. They aren't. Its way too far near the end of Mc where you get potions, the ingredients are life threatening to even get, and they are SO USELESS. In terraria its basically the opposite of that.

    12. NPCs. I don't even know why you guys try. The NPCs in Terraria are so more fair with trades, look better, actually interact with the player, and DEFEND themselves.

    For every thing minecraft claims they have but terraria also has, Terraria wins.

    Toggling view(which is really better in Terraria because its a scroll)
    No-death runs
    Lots of building options
    Availability on all platforms

  • Terrorists is just better

    An average night in minecraft is hiding in your house or a cave and occasionally killing weak zombies and getting up in the morning to go do more bland mining or sub par overly complicated building. And that's about it nothing really changes. But in Terraria things like slime rain and boss fights and Blood Moons all make the day more interesting. Also when you compare the twos building formula its clear which is better you have a 2d structure that gives protection when you go inside its not overly complicated... But in minecraft they decide to through in all sorts of mechanics to make things unfriendly to new players. Also on the graphics front I normally don't judge a game on graphics but it I will NOT accept a 21 century game with Atari 2600 graphics.Even though you could argue that they're trying to be retro but Terraria has 16 bit graphics that look HD. Also the locations Minecraft has a boring desert, lame forest vacant cave and snow the only interesting place is the Nether but you barely get anything so why go there? Terraria has the deadly crimson endangering corruption floating islands desert ruins jungles jungle temples and dungeons and finally hell with a reason to go there. Now the 3rd to last things are the preloaded buildings. In minecraft you have nether fortress stronghold and monster spawner. In Terraria you have jungle shrine hell tower desert ruins and floating islands. Now the 2nd to last thing is loot the loot is just more interesting, in minecraft you have armor sword and pick axe. In Terraria you have wings drills thrones light sabers Hermes boots double jump bottles and well you get the point.... And finally you have an objective and its to fight. The flow of Terraria go's like this mine build to get NPC's mine some more to get stronger and fight a boss it makes you fell like you accomplished something when you defeat the boss and you aim to fight the next boss. So all in all I think Terraria will triumph over mine craft any day of the week.

  • There are multiple reasons why pc Terraria is better that pc Minecraft but that's all i would really agree on.

    Terraria has WAY more bosses to fight and way more items without mods, but Minecraft literally has two bosses WITH mods. Terraria is also a sandbox game but it has missions like e.g. the angler. This does not mean it is a TON better but still, what is the point of a pointless game (aka Minecraft)? People enjoy Minecraft but is there really a purpose? Besides my point, Minecraft is too much like REAL LIFE that it is kinda creepy. Sorry to all of the Minecraft fans out there, I still think Minecraft is a great game and the ios version THANKS TO THE UPDATE is far better that ios Terraria. If you want to see what i mean by 'too much' like real life then search "is Minecraft the same as real life" on YouTube. Xbox Terraria stinks BTW, they have to bring in a new update to fix the horrible bugs that destroy everyone's worlds.
    Also, the caps lock is half cause I'm angry and half supposed to be italics...

  • Hellll yeaahh terraria

    Plz don't get butthurt minecraft ok i will get right into it
    1.More rewarding(killing wither only give you nether star for beacon,any way you have no use for it since you finish the game)
    2.More usefull item and more(wow new added stone in minecraft,which look ugly atleast terraria one is nice looking.
    3.Infinate world for mincraft(HA who cares as if you gonna use it anyway it just makes more lag)
    4.More interesting biomes(not like plain G,plains T blah blah)
    5(my fav point) no cringe kids,no greifer,less cheaters.
    6.Woah minecrap have mor moodsss(ha you can't even run your computer with one mod(sex mod)without lagging unlike terraria.
    Thing i think minecraft is better at creativity and servers(if you are fine with playing at 2FPS)

    the thing is most of minecrap players don't even know how to download the game by them self do they beg their poor busy parents to do it for them.

    3d better than 2d? Hell naww(if you not stupid you can figure it out your self)

    beat that mincraft
    p.S don't waste money on minecraft like what i did it did it was not a pleasant experience.

  • I prefer terraria

    Terraria has a lot more enemys,weapons,armour and bosses. Plus there actually are events like pumpkin moon or frost legion while mine craft has none. There also are dyes for armour and the armour design is better.There are also more and actually useful NPCs.There also are vanity slots and way more pets than minecraft.Oh and there actually is a hard mode after beating the wall of flesh in minecraft after beating the wither or ender dragon the world doesn't get new ores or enemys no it's the same and terraria boss have more and actually useful drops.

  • Terraria is better than Minecraft game play wise, but it comes down to personal preference. P.S., to Minecrafters, watch MumboJumbo, he makes awesome Redstone devices.

    Before I start the rant, can I just say that all those people who support Minecraft so far are acting immature and are simply hurling insults at this point. Are there any mature Minecraft players in this debate?

    I am here to simply defend Terraria, rather than shame Minecraft. Many Minecraft players have multiple misconceptions about Terraria, so I will address them here.

    1. Content
    Some people are complaining about the lack of content in Terraria, whereas others are complaining about too much content. DECIDE PLEASE. For those complaining about the former, despite Terraria's 2d world, it has more blocks, more enemies, diversified NPCs, more armor types, more crafting stations, more character customization options, etc. The worlds in Terraria can have sizes ranged from small to enormous, and the subterranean levels have even more content and thought put into it.

    2. Creativity
    There is no Creative mode in Terraria, so what? Once you reach the end game, heck, before you even fight Moon Lord, you have access to most if not all blocks. Mining and crafting to get blocks, if you are dedicated enough shouldn't be any problem. The afk farms, bosss arenas, and even houses people build for NPCs can be amazing IF EFFORT IS PUT INTO IT. Is it more satisfying to build a castle while in god mode with infinite resources, or while there are risks, you having to search underground, fighting mobs along the way?

    3. Originality
    I'm going to make this quick. DOES IT MATTER. LoL is considered a copy of DOTA, do people give a shit? As long as a game has quality, originality doesn't matter, unless Redigit claimed that Terraria came out first.

    4. Difficulty
    As with content, some people think Terraria is too hard, whereas some people think it is too easy. For those that think it is too hard, one major part of Terraria is grinding. To get any good at the game, you have to be willing to put in effort. To accelerate the grinding process, creative people develop farming techniques and complex farms. If you aren't willing to put in effort or get creative, then there's no reason for you to play Minecraft either. For those who think it is too easy, try playing expert mode and getting every armor and weapon, and try defeating every boss. The farming and grinding in Terraria is difficult, and requires patience and effort. Getting Diamond armor and beating the Wither and Enderdragon was a piece of cake, and I know that difficulty isn't everything, but with that, why complain about Terraria's difficulty.

    Both Terraria and Minecraft are amazing games and should be loved for different reasons. And, with that, both have their own cons. Terraria's fan base filled with adults who should have jobs by their age, or Minecraft's fan base filled with 12 year olds who are too close minded and have to beg their parents to get the "new" CoD game. In the end personal preference decides.

  • Awesome game tons of items

    Terraria has a lot more to offer than Minecraft. It has over 4000 items, 11 bosses and 7 events and that's just some of it! Minecraft has maybe 200 items 2 bosses and no events. Also terraria has much better updates. A big update for minecraft: OMG HORSES.... That's it... A big update for terraria: 2000 new items 4 new bosses 1 new event etc.

  • It Depends On Your Preferences

    If you enjoy the keep-on-your toes, mine-all-day, fight-cool-bosses type of game style, Terraria is your game. If you enjoy building towering skyscrapers or giant castles, it's Minecraft all the way. You could spice things up by joining a server on Minecraft similar to Terraria. If you are a group-sticks-together person, Terraria on PC and console allow multiplayer outside of the Internet you are connected to.
    It's your choice.
    PS: I enjoy Terraria over Minecraft, but that is because most Minecrafters are 11 year olds.

  • Cuz i sed so

    Wel i tink dat terareeah iz wae bettterer bcuz et haz jeyeunt flieing i-bolls insyde uf te ayre. Et ollzo hez mor theenggs tahn mindcrap. Lol terareeah iz onlee 4 proz whew no hao tew spel. Dis iz meye opinyon sew dontt maek fuun uf mee pleez. Luv ur boye donald trump

  • Minecraft is WAY better!

    Minecraft teaches children to let loose in creative mode and for ones who want to be challenged survival mode and terraria has lots of items but minecraft is constantly being updated while terraria has barley any updates minecraft users are swimming in new items,animals,and blocks of course! In terraria you will not get much creativity because there is NO creative mode. AND it has mods you can download sure miecraft costs like 25$ but it's worth it! Then minecraft has the Ender Dragon,Elder Guardian,and The Wither! BEAT THAT TERRARIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Terraria is not a better game than Minecraft.

    The first and most important reason as to why Minecraft is better than Terraria is that Minecraft has much more replay value. Sure, Terraria has a lot of content (because it's so simple), but Minecraft does not rely on its content to keep its gamers occupied. People play Minecraft because it is a sandbox game where they can make awesome creations. When making a creation in Terraria, there is never a real sense of accomplishment because everything is easy to get and most things look stupid with the game's 2-D graphics. Another problem with Terraria is that on the console version of the game, the controls are so crappy that it makes you throw your hands into the air in fury. Most people I know that also have the console version can not master the controls. The IOS version of Terraria is currently better than Minecraft PE. Another problem with Terraria is that there is no version of the game available to Mac and Linux users. An important thing to note is that it is very difficult to compare Minecraft to Terraria because they are very different.
    Something people like to compare between games is how hard they are. Terraria, although it can be hard to survive, is not a difficult game. There is virtually no penalty for death because you do not lose any items except a certain amount of coins which can be stored in chests for safe keeping (not that you really need them outside of your base.) In Minecraft, while it is easier for some people, is a more difficult game because you lose your items (for example, if I found diamonds in Minecraft and fell into lava my items would fall out of my inventory and be burned up as opposed to respawning with me.)
    I suppose that it is a matter of preference between Minecraft and Terraria, but at the same time I feel that if you wanted a game with a lot of content and simple 2-D graphics you could just play Dwarf Fortress (which is so complex you might need a guide book.)

  • Terrible terrerria! It stinks

    In terrerria you are limited to a 2d world. Every boss is a cheap remake of myths: wall of flesh, skeletron, ice queen, all Cthulhu body parts, the hallow armor and the pumpkin king is just a fat mutated pumpkin! I just hate terrerria. Minecraft has ideas of dragons made up dimensions and a CREEPER

  • Mine craft is Boss Terraria SUCKS

    OMG I got mine craft and i loved it!It was my favorite game of all time! I used millions of mods and did tons of mini games! It was boss. When I got Terraria I Hated It! It sucks more than 1989 Mario. The graphics are horrible and it's 2d. I have a warning for people who need help deciding, Terraria sucks!

  • Minecraft is better!!!

    Just the simplicity if minecraft is better. Just because terraria has many more items doesn't mean its better. I mean, it depends on what you want. Minecraft is REALISTIC. I mean, what the crap is an eye of kuthul or what ever its called. Terraria is a COPY OF MINECRAFT. The only reason logitech got away with it is because its 2D and they added an eye of kuthul or whatever its called. And, its so CHEAT!!! Its easy to HACK and you can buy something in the middle of a fight. I mean WHY DO YOU HAVE A SHOP WHEN THERE IS NOBODY THERE!!! WHAT THE CRAP!!! Anyways (sorry about my rage)so yeah. You can't say if a game is better because it takes up a trillion terrabytes on your computer.

  • Terraria may be fun to others, but minecraft has many more features than terraria.

    Sure, terraria has more ores and weapons, but minecraft on the other hand has other features. Terraria, it is 2D, minecraft is 3D. Minecraft is also a LOT less bloody and gory. Minecraft, the way you have to remember, it's good to learn to remember better. When I started to play minecraft, I started to have much more memory(although I don't exactly have proof to back up if minecraft was the thing that made me remember more). Minecraft has seemingly infinite land, terraria has quite limited land. I once got terraria, I thought it was a waste of my money. Another thing, you can make machines, mods, and maps for minecraft, terraria, you cant. Terraria is a challenge for fighting, but if you crank up your minecraft from easy to hard and try to fight an enderman or iron golem it's probably worst than that skeleton boss! Minecraft has 3 dimensions, the overworld, nether, and the end. I think terraria only has 2. It's also confusing to play terraria, I never even knew how to do anything besides build myself a house, and I could never figure out how to get another NPC, I even made another house and followed all the rules, is it glitch or did I miss something?!

  • Holy Crap I hate Terraria

    Terraria is horrible. I HATE it. You can't get mods and its a platform ear game. The graphics are horrible and it just is sucky. Minecraft has tons of mini games and you can do modded survival. I don't think you should even buy it if it is 1 cent. It sucks and I would even buy minecraft even if it was 100 dollars

  • Minecraft is way better

    They are both good games but minecraft is better. It has more building options. It is also good for little kids. It is in 3d. It also has like six different versions. Terraria may have more items and crap but minecraft dosent need tons of items. Okay also what's all this talk about bosses in terraria? Minecraft has the ENDER DRAGON no boss from terraria can beat that. Minecraft has let's see mods,skins,soingleplayer commands. Minecraft may cost a lot of money but it is so worth it. Can you let your imagination blossom on terraria? NO! Wanna know why? BECAUSE THERE IS NO CREATIVE MODE. Also terraria is wayyyyyy to easy. People love minecraft because of its challenging survival mode and it's awesome creative mode. But in the end it really is up to you.

  • Minecraft is boss

    Minecraft is a game that you can do anything! Build, grief, get beloved mods of things you like. For example, I love pixelmon, that stuff. Terraria is worse. You cant do as much as minecraft. Search up on wikipedia on both of them. Minecraft has so many fun things that everyone would love. If you would wish to be my opponent. Please respond

  • Minecraft has less ememys and more building options

    With less enemys, MineCraft is easier to play survival in. Terraria on the other hand has more enemys and you die on your first or second day. MineCraft you can play survival and last up to a week or a month without dieing. And the more building options Minecraft has can make wayyyyy better servers and Youtubers to show them. Team minecraft!!!

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