Is terrorism a worldwide problem no matter where it happens?

  • Terrorism is the problem worldwide.

    Terrorism is a major problem around the world. Many innocent lives are lost because of them. Terrorist are trying to have their command over the world which would effect everyone lives. Terrorist also cause lots of internal problems which usually effects other nations. Terrorism is a curse to society and it should solved together.

  • Terrorists like to cause terror, wherever they can.

    Sometimes it is hard for the United States to get involved in other countries issues. Ideally, we as a country would like to help everyone, but sometimes it just isn't practical. However, terrorism is different. Terrorists want to grab the attention of the world. They did it on 9/11, they did it when the bombed the London train station, and they did it in the Boston Marathon bombings. They want to create a worldwide fear, proving how powerful they are. And that is why the world needs to take notice when it happens. The world cannot yield to them. The world needs to show that their actions have consequences. The country where the terrorism occurs cannot do it all themselves.

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