• Yes,terrorism at the Sochi Olympics is a real thing.

    Yes,terrorism at the Sochi Olympics is a real thing.Authorities at any international event need to be worried about terrorism because this is when terrorist groups look to make the biggest message.As long as the officials are on high alert there should not be any problems with violence at the various events.

  • Terrorism is a real threat at the Sochi Olympics.

    Terrorism is a real threat at the Sochi Olympics. I think that anything could happen at anytime and it is up to us to protect this from happening. We do not have any clue about when or where an attack could happen. Just like when 9/11 occurred and we were caught totally off guard at the time.

  • Terrorism is a threat

    The Sochi Olympics are plagued with issues concerning hotels, bathrooms, and basic needs of the people there. However, terrorism is probably the biggest threat. There is a lot of Eastern European terrorism and Russian terrorism that is threatening the games. The Boston Bombers came from a place near Russia. It is a threat.

  • Terrorism at the Sochi Olympics is a real threat.

    There is a real threat of terrorism at the Sochi Olympics in 2014. Muslim terrorists have threatened to attack the Sochi Olympics in protest to their treatment by the Russian Federation. There were already two explosions in Russia prior to the games for which extremist terrorist groups have taken responsibility.

  • Always over hyped

    The Sochi Olympics take place in a region that is known for its Islamic extremists, but the threat of terrorism at the games are far lower than people believe. Terrorism is the excuse people use for so many reasons, but the truth is that terrorist threats at Sochi are no higher than any other event.

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