• One Man's Terrorist is Another Man's Freedom Fighter.

    First of all we must accept the fact that the world is made up of different types of people, cultures, races, religions and of course political ideologies. Now when factions of like minded people come to disagree over any of these things, disagreements which tend to stem from different value systems, sometimes they may resort to violence to resolve their issues. This is what we refer to as war, now unfortunately war isn't pretty and every combatant views the enemy soldier as a terrorist of some sort because usually every faction in the conflict thinks they are on the right side, because of their own specific world view. So in answer to the question yes unfortunately terrorism can be beneficial, but only to the terrorist and the terrorists agenda.

  • Not beneficial. Ex Canada and the states just left Iraq

    We lose money, families are hurt, innocent people end up dead, soldiers are scarred for the rest of their lives, both sides suffer, and both sides lose many innocent people. All around hatred is spread and no one ever wins. We need to be smart and learn to work with one another without using violence as the solution.

  • terror is to terrorize

    Only an insane person wants to terrorize other people. Violence spreads more violence. When will people ever learn that? It brings a mindset that if you do something bad to me. I am going to do something bad to you 10 times worse. Then my enemy retaliates on me 10 times worse. It is a never ending story. Terrorism is never beneficial.

  • No,terrorism is never beneficial.

    No,terrorism is never beneficial.The very definition of terrorism has to do with terrorizing other people and other people should not have to suffer because of the cause of someone else.There are always other ways to get someone's message across other than killing and maiming people.They can always try to work within the system.

  • No act of terrorism are never beneficial.

    Interestingly enough terrorism has no legally binding, criminal law definition. It is typically defined as the systematic use of violence (terror) as a means of coercion for political purposes. Despite the opinions of the terrorists, act of terrorism NEVER have any beneficial outcomes. They show the terrorists to be soulless, uncaring people, the victims are either dead or physically and mentally scarred for life. No winners.

  • Kills Innocent Civilians

    Terrorism is never beneficial because it kills innocent civilians and it just makes victims mad. Terrorism simply makes everyone mad and upset at each other which leads to centuries or even millennia of conflict. One has just to look at the current situation in Israel and Palestine to see that thousands of years of terrorism has left both sides weary and mad at each other. Neither side is completely right and both sides blame the other for their problems. Terrorism simply makes political entities dodge responsibility and spreads hate when most people just want to live peacefully.

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