• Yes, The Cybertruck is a good example of a perfect car.

    I think that the Cybertruck is one of the most advanced pieces of metal that can take you from point a to point b (they're not cars, They're pieces of art). The wonderful engineers and designers at Tesla started out by thinking "what is a pickup truck's target market? ". Of course, The answer was hipsters living in major cities. So the car would be designed for them, Instead of for people who work in blue collar jobs and might find a practical use for a pickup truck, Because they don't matter. . .

    First, They started by making a jagged triangular sketch of something vaguely resembling a triangular hunk of metal. I take that back, It literally is a metal triangle. Then they did away with the door handles like they've done before, Because those have proven themselves to be useless. Who needs to open a door manually when you can have your car do it for you? Next, They gave it a yoke. What's a pickup truck without a good old-fashioned yoke? Of course with the interior, They chucked in a huge screen with computers that can play Cyberpunk, Which you should totally play while you're driving. Oh yeah the wheels? They took inspiration from the new Mars rover.

    After designing the car, They needed to give it power. So, They decided to make it electric. That would help to attract the aforementioned hipsters. But then, Recently, They decided to say "never mind, Why not make it diesel" because it's more pollution which means less hipsters, Because we don't care about the hipsters anymore. We just care about the car, Which is the most perfect car. Everyone bow down to the new Cybertruck!

    (to all the gullible people out there, This is called sarcasm. In reality I agree with the opposing side)

  • Tesla is not the best car in the world

    Teslas run out of power quickly. Just because they are electric does not mean there good for the environment the use machines to make them and if you have the model 3x You must pay for gas which is normal but the battery runs out very Quickly thank you bye

  • They have a long way to be the best car in the world!

    Tesla strength is marketing, But with their cars they need a long time to be the best car. It is hard to defeat other car companies that they are in the market for a long time and some for more than 100 years. If you go out of the US, It is rarely to see Tesla cars and many countries don't have it actually.

  • No too proprietary

    The first Tesla cars would break down. They would cost a lot of money to fix and they would break down again.
    People literally had to learn how to fix their Tesla cars because Tesla was doing a bad job at it.

    I think his cars are rushed into production to quickly and that he does not test them well enough to fix the errors and defects. Plus he is on a schedule to make cars and I do not want a car that might be defective and hard to fix.

  • I don’t believe Tesla is the best

    Tesla’s are not the best car in the world. Just because they are electric doesn’t mean they are the best cars in the world as the factories making Tesla’s are not electric they still use machines that are bad for the environment. I hope you take this in to consideration thank you.

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