• Yes. Tesla is currently breeding innovation.

    Yes. I would categorize Tesla as a company that is starting out in much the same way that Apple started out. They are innovating with extreme intent, and they don't apologize for the money they spend in research. If Tesla can hold onto their business model and start to make money with it, they will undoubtedly be one of the companies to watch throughout the next 30 years.

  • Tesla is not apple

    Apple design was mostly around user friendly and intuitive interaction design, at least until Steve Jobs was present. Tesla is more towards electric cars, but the intuitiveness and the elegance in the skeleton of the design is not yet visibly seen. It is my opinion that any product becomes a hit mostly because of its common user friendly design and price range rather than its technical aspect of product.
    So, Tesla may not be new apple. But Tesla can still manage to lead in its own speciality.

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