Is Texas Republican Lamar Smith wrong for trying to stop global warming research?

  • We need to keep moving toward the future.

    Our nation must continue moving forward, and that includes in the field of environmental science as well. The day our march into the world of tomorrow is halted because of some rich dude is the day that our country loses its right to claim to be a scientific world leader. Also, the OP of the "No" side could stand to grow a brain.

  • Science must press forward

    Whether or not a person, or politician, chooses to believe the science of global warming, the science must be allowed to proceed. The precedent of stopping any research or process with which we disagree has catastrophic potential. You may choose to disagree with the results, and argue the validity of the claims, but the research must continue.

  • I think he is wrong

    Regardless of whether you believe global warming exists or not, there is no harm in continuing research. The research should continue. If he is sure it isn't occurring, he should have no problem with the research that's being done. The public deserves to know the truth and we need the research to do that.

  • He is definitely wrong

    Lamar Smith is definitely wrong for trying to stop global warming but then again he is a very powerful Texas Republican who is affiliated with the oil and gas lobbyists. It is obvious that he has an agenda based on his affiliation with these companies. It is sad when one puts their own pockets ahead of what is needed to protect the earth from severe climate change.

  • Yes, Lamar Smith should be looking for ways to deal with global warming

    Lamar Smith does not believe global warming is caused by human behavior. Regardless of the cause, as Chairman of the Science, Space, and Technology Committee Smith should be doing everything possible to bring about new initiatives for dealing with climate change, not just regulatory initiatives. Research should not be restricted, it should be expanded upon, Research into climate change needs to be ongoing.According to the UN, climate change is recognized as the major environmental problem facing the world. The U.S. should be part of the international climate accord if the nation is serious about dealing with global warming.

  • I voted no

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