• Yes, text messaging has ruined our English skills

    The other day when i was reading an important email, I noticed that the sender had used "ur" in the place of "your" 3 times. It looked so unprofessional when I read it. There are many such words that are text message friendly but using them constantly makes people type them in an email or while writing, bringing down the quality of writing, unintentionally .
    Every language is beautiful, so is English. These trends can only be signs of deteriorating patience to write and lack of respect for the language.

  • Texting Will Make English as We Know it a Dead Language

    With each new generation that communicates significantly via texts from a smart phone, there is a further decline of correct English usage. Semi-colons as punctuation are rarely used, phonetic misspellings are the norm, and acronyms replace far too many words in our language. Children will no longer be able to read and understand any of the classic literature that has formed the basis of Western civilization.

  • Texting Killed the English Language

    While prior generations added slang to the English language, texting and the texting generation, have detracted from it. Texting has given rise to acronyms for common phrases, the loss of punctuation and capitalization and constant misspellings in an effort to shorten words to fit into 140 characters. People have lost the beauty of the language in an effort for brevity.

  • Actually maybe not

    If you dont use acronyms you can actually learn something like if you misspell it will show you how to spell it so you can remember and some apple divices will teach you how to SAY IT so i think not (and also some divices dont have a 140 character limit)

  • I don't think so

    I think most people know the difference between proper English and the language people use to text. Texting should almost have its own language. When you text, you shorten everything. I don't think people speak this way. Most people also don't write this way. I don't think its ruining English skills.

  • No, text messaging is not ruining our English skills.

    I think that anyone who text messages in broken English is likely to speak in slang and broken english and probably would have a less than adequate grasp of English even if they had never text messaged. Plenty of people are able to text message and retain their command of the English language.

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