• Jesus Christ never mentioned it

    I do not celebrate Pagan Holidays anymore. This day is worship of the earth and what it produces for those with the money to buy all the trimmings. For those of us who do not have the money to spend on the foolish food of the land we can take solace in the fact that Jesus Christ never celebrated this pagan holiday!

  • Yes, and That is A Good Thing

    Yes, Thanksgiving is a pagan holiday – in the sense that it has become a holiday for families to spend the day together eating and enjoying one another’s company. Thanksgiving no longer has Christian religious connotations – it has transformed into a day of what could be termed pagan pleasures – food, nature, good company and a good time – a day for the pursuit of pleasurable activities with loved ones. What could be better?

  • No pagan worship

    Since Thanksgiving does not worship or confer thanks to any pagan deity or deities, It isn't pagan. There is no biblical mandate to only celebrate Jewish festivals mentioned in the Old Testament. No definition of 'pagan holiday' is found in the Old or New Testament, Only those activities which praise or worship pagan gods.

  • Jesus broke bread

    Psalms 95:2 Let us come to him with Thanksgiving. Let us sing psalms of praise to him.
    So just being Thankful what Jesus done for us is Thanksgiving so praises of honor and glory and being with our family and friends friends sharing a meal is thankful for it. So no its not pagan!

  • It is not a biblical holiday, it is a time of giving thanks to G_d for the bounty of the land and sea.

    To say it is pagan... Because it is not in the bible, then yes... It is a "pagan" holiday. The reason behind the celebration is to give thanks for what they were blessed with to survive. It originally was a three day event. This holiday has it's roots in the Jewish traditions of thanking G_d and it is believed it is formed after the Jewish tradition of Sukkot. The Pilgrims even thought of themselves as being in the New Jerusalem - the Promised Land in America.
    Since the holiday falls on a Thursday, it in no way interferes with Sabbath.
    Blessed are you, Lord God, Master of the Universe, who has kept us alive and sustained us and brought us to this season.
    ברוך אתה יהוה אלהים, ריבונו של העולם, מי יש שהשאיר אותנו בחיים, נגרם לנו והביא לנו העונה.
    If anyone sees this as anything other than truly giving thanks for what you have been blessed with then yes... It is pagan.

    I do not, I strongly feel this has serious Jewish roots...

  • Thanksgiving Not Pagan

    I do not believe Thanksgiving is a pagan holiday. Thanksgiving has become a holiday celebrated by all people regardless of their religious beliefs. It is not attached to an exclusive religion. I am not aware of Thanksgiving having any pagan traditions or backgrounds, but it's not entirely impossible. My understanding is that Thanksgiving was created by the pilgrims and they would not have been pagan.

  • No, Thanksgiving is not a Pagan holiday.

    No, I don't believe that Thanksgiving is a Pagan holiday. There will be critics for all things in life, and religion and culture will always have the most. Since the day that the pilgrims first started Thanksgiving in the spirit of giving thanks to all that God has given us, naysayers have called it a Pagan holiday. However, there is no worshiping of Earth or nature during this holiday, which makes it an entirely Christian holiday, and not a Pagan holiday by any means.

  • No, Thanksgiving is not a pagan holiday

    Thanksgiving was started in colonial times to thank God for all the blessings he had bestowed upon the colonists. It was made an official holiday in the USA in 1939 by President Roosevelt to give people a day to celebrate family and to be thankful for all the good things in their lives. There is nothing pagan about it.

  • No. The holiday does not need a label.

    Thanksgiving is neither Christian nor pagan not affiliated with any other tradition. I think the best term, if a label must be applied, is "secular" -- because anyone in the US can celebrate it. Thanksgiving can be linked to a religious doctrine or completely separated from it. The important thing is that everyone comes together to reflect, say thank you, and enjoy a meal.

  • Puritan Pilgrims Celebrated First Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving is a decidedly American celebration. There are other countries who have a day of thanks, but Americans take Thanksgiving to an art form. Puritans celebrated the first Thanksgiving with Native Americans. The Puritans were Christians. The Native American tribe didn't necessarily subscribe to Christian beliefs, but their religion may not have been considered pagan either. Thanksgiving is a secular holiday that is not necessarily associated with one religion or another.

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