• Day of Mourning

    Many first Nations peoples recognize "Thanksgiving" and the day after as a National Day of Mourning. This has been an official holiday since 1970 when the truth of the history of Thanksgiving was again attempted to be whitewashed by whites.

    Most white Americans are woefully ignorant of the true history of this country and would wish to remain so, all to enjoy stuffing themselves with excess food and being zombies to capitalist consumerism. If nothing else, learn how the word "Thanksgiving" was used by the colonists themselves. The mass slaughter if Pequot women, children and elderly men was referred to as a "true Thanksgiving." Not sitting down and breaking bread (fro grain they were too stupid to grow) with people they hated.

    I have not ever participated in American Thanksgiving, and do not allow my child to participate. Instead we celebrate native American heritage month, and acknowledge the day of Mourning.

  • Its clearly offensive to celebrate the beginning of the end of a culture

    Its celebrating the white incomers success over that of the rightful owners of the country and there has never been any dialogue between the so called Americans and their disposed indigenous nations to address issures on how its celebrated or to provide native americans with a national holiday that celebrates their culture also offensive to use white children dressed in what would have been symbolic sacred dress

  • Thanks(for screwing over native americans)giving

    Pilgrims died of starvation the year before the first thanksgiving . The next year the Indians taught the poor bastards to survive and produce food etc, saving their asses. Thanksgiving that year and SUPPOSEDLY for the years after was meant to symbolise a union of two groups, but what really happened after? The government killed off the majority of natives , put them on concentration camps known as reservations, and ignore them to this day, except when the police are killing them unlawfully at a rate even higher than that of African Americans, which is sky high. What did the settlers do? Nothing but sit back and watch. What do they do now? Rape native women at alarming rates, wear their sacred garments like they're a toy or joke, avidly support teams like the Washington redsk*ns (just like the n word , it should really be censored given its meaning), and teach their children that natives are/were dirty savages that were always at war with each other and were killed off by disease instead of genocide.

    So thanksgiving is just celebrating biting the hands that fed and saved you, a total lie, and total betrayal of people that opened their hearts to strangers. Absolutely disgusting. If you celebrate thanksgiving , you should be ashamed of yourself.

    I am an East Indian guy living in Britain, so my opinion has zero white guilt or white hate.

  • Thankful to the murder of a race.

    I know it's not easy to put yourself in someone else's shoes. So imagine this and try to understand how you would feel in this situation. Imagine I broke into your home, held you at gunpoint, murdered most of your family, raped your daughters, destroyed everything you valued, and threatened you to give me the rest of what you owned, or I kill you. Now imagine, after all that happened, I invite you to a feast, in your house, so we sit together and eat a nice meal. Imagine having a National Holiday to remind you of this nice and friendly evening when you and I shared a meal on.
    If there is anything to be thankful for today, it is the acceptance that Native Americans have showed to the rest of the world despite our barbaric nature.

  • Native Americans are an invisible minority

    Just because you killed so many of us it doesn't mean there aren't still some of us remaining. Educate yourself beyond this simplistic Internet poll. Giving thanks is not just a symbolic gesture limited to one day a year. Native Americans have always celebrated the harvest and given thanks for that. The United States is slow as usual when is comes to righting wrongs.

  • Just because it symbolizes something different...

    I do not agree that because for most people thanksgiving is a time for family that is necessarily appropriate. The origins of Thanksgiving are clearly written in historical documents at the time when settlers celebrated a massacre of Native Americans. To celebrate Thanksgiving is the same as saying that wearing a swastika on a shirt is appropriate because to you it is a pretty symbol

  • Just because it symbolizes something different...

    I do not agree that because for most people thanksgiving is a time for family that is necessarily appropriate. The origins of Thanksgiving are clearly written in historical documents at the time when settlers celebrated a massacre of Native Americans. To celebrate Thanksgiving is the same as saying that wearing a swastika on a shirt is appropriate because to you it is a pretty symbol

  • Thanksgiving is a slap in the face for Native Americans

    Anyone, who thinks celebrating "Thanksgiving" is acceptable is beyond ignorant. Colonists have pretty much wiped Native Americans off of the face of the Earth, for no reason. That was the "thanks" they've got for saving Europeans from starvation. Even more so, the little Native American population that is left, still lives in reservations. "Thanksgiving is about family"...NO, It's about consumerism and being an ignorant hypocrite. I am absolutely appalled by this so-called "tradition".

  • The "Thanksgiving Story" is ignorant, offensive

    The holiday itself is a gathering for Family. However, most modern Americans are ignorant of the country's history and how the locals were killed off, later making way for other immigrants and their families. The story of Happy Pilgrims and Happy Indians sitting down to a feast is a fanciful tale of togetherness and cooperation, and the way we teach it to our children, having them dress up with feathered headbands and Quaker hats, is an over simplification and a caricature of what first Americans and English settlers were. The idea of togetherness is great, but the fake story of Thanksgiving is a slap in the face to Americans whose ancestors were treated like animals and "savages". (The Thanksgiving Story makes it seem like the two groups got along, but most English settlers viewed the locals as an obstacle to their God-given right to establish a new home for themselves.) I'm all for spending time with family, but we should be more aware of the BS surrounding the Thanksgiving holiday.

  • Yes It Is Offensive

    I think this holiday is offensive because of what resulted when it first started. The natives here were slaughtered and pushed out of their homes. Would anyone want people celebrating the day that their family was murdered or done harm? People seem to push the bad back and only want to practice what they feel is appropriate for this day.

  • No, it really isn't.

    People look to be so offended by nearly everything anymore they fail to see the entire point. Thanksgiving wasn't and isn't a holiday to remember the slaughter of an entire culture, it was a holiday to celebrate the bringing together of two cultures. Even if for just one day, two warring groups could sit down and be at peace and share a meal. To call it offensive is, in itself, fairly offensive because it is saying that to make peace, even for just a day, no matter what the result afterwards was, was a mistake.

  • No. It's not.

    Thanksgiving is not the celebration of the end of a culture, it was the peace of bringing the two together, even if LATER the result was the slaughter, it had nothing to do with the holiday itself. People look to be offended by anything anymore, but the entire point of Thanksgiving was bringing the two culture's together for peace and sharing. It's not an offensive holiday in itself. People simply want to feel offended by anything and everything as of late.

  • Thanksgiving Not Offensive

    I do not see any reason why the Thanksgiving tradition would be offensive to Native Americans. While it is unfortunate that this land was taken from them, the Thanksgiving tradition is suppose to be for everyone on this continent including the Native Americans. It is suppose to be a time to sit down and celebrate life for all inhabitants of this country.

  • Thanksgiving is a time for family

    While many native Americans died as a result of Americans coming over, they would have died anyway from disease, it was all simply a matter of time, so there shouldn't be near as much controversy a about something that was inevitable. It should be thought of as a time for giving thanks for what you have and not what happened hundreds of years ago.

  • I stand in the middle,

    but because there is not an option for that, I choose no. I can understand the point that the idea people usually think of as the reason behind Thanksgiving is that it symbolizes the peace between Native Americans and the British colonists, which was rarely every the case in reality, therefor it completely ignores how terrible early colonist treated the Natives. On the other hand, though, Thanksgiving was actually created as a marketing gimmick, used to get Americans to buy more turkeys during a time of year when they normally would not have bought them. Because of this, I think of Thanksgiving not as a time to celebrate a false peace that never was, but as an excuse to see my extended family and have a reunion, and I know many other people who think this way too. Still, I can see both points.

  • Thanksgiving commemorates peace and cooperation

    Thanksgiving commemorates the coming together and cooperation of early European settlers and Native Americans. It is an occasion for all Americans, including Native Americans, to come together with loved ones and be grateful. The vast majority of Native Americans are not offended by Thanksgiving, and only an extremist few try to make it political.

  • Thanksgiving Is A Holiday For Giving Thanks, Not Making War

    Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated every November to commemorate the Native Americans breaking bread with the Pilgrims in a time of peace. Later in history, there were tensions between the natives and the Europeans which led to conflicts over land. However, this has nothing to do with the actual event of Thanksgiving and by keeping the holiday alive we remember a time when our people were friends.

  • Sharing of Cultures

    Thanksgiving has evolved into an American tradition stemming from coming together with another race. Settlers and Native Americans shared a table, shared food and shared their cultures. Although Native Americans were subsequently treated badly by Settlers, the intent was to bond with another culture and give thanks for their bounty. Americans should celebrate cultural diversity and give thanks for our many blessings and freedoms on this day.

  • Should be about family.

    I am not native American, but I am sensitive to this issue because I am raising 3 native American, children. They have been in Thanksgiving, celebration plays and I allowed them to dress in native attire to participate in their plays. I am explaining to them, as they get older, that everything about America's, beginning has a dark side to it also. In WW1, the German's and the English, stopped killing each other on the front line to celebrate Christmas, just for a little while, and when it was over they continued their slaughter of one another. Thanksgiving, day is a day for all of us to stop the killing and hatred just for a little while and be a family.

  • Remember what it's really about

    This is holiday is about celebrating friendship and being grateful for our blessings in life. It stems from history but we're not celebrating our 'peace with Native America' as a dominant white race. It's very simple. Whether the pilgrims were friends with the native population for one hour or a whole year, it's about the moment they got together and put their differences aside to shake hands. What happened after wards is irrelevant to giving thanks for being blessed or lending a helping hand. People like to complicate what they don't know and the truth is you can have many different perspectives and no right one. Keep it simple and remember the true meaning behind why we take time to celebrate this holiday.

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